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17021 Certification Accreditation Consultancy

ISO 17021 is a very broad standard prepared for organizations that provide certification services for organizations´ management systems. It consists of seven standards in total, and each part deals with a different part of certification accreditation. We can summarize the contents of the standard as follows:

ISO 17021 - 1: Basic requirements

2: Environmental management system certification
3: Quality management system certification
4: Certification of event sustainability management systems
5: Asset management system certification
6: Business continuity management systems certification
7: Road traffic safety management systems certification
Each standard describes the criteria for certification of the relevant management system and describes the audit requirements. For more detailed information about ISO 17021 standards, you can contact Aşan Danışmanlık.

Organizations Making ISO 17021 and Management System Certification

ISO publishes management system standards in many subjects so that public and private sector organizations can carry out their activities more quickly, safely, accurately and transparently. It revises these standards from time to time depending on changing technological opportunities, financial conditions and market requirements. There are published management system standards on issues such as quality, environment, food safety, business continuity, event sustainability, etc. Organizations have to establish and maintain a system, measure its performance and continuously improve it by taking these standards as reference. The relevant management system certificate is given to the companies that confirm that all these steps are carried out in accordance with the standard.

Management system verification is done by independent accredited certification bodies. There are certain criteria that these organizations must meet. The ISO 17021 family of standards explains these criteria. Within the standards, the rules, procedures and principles that organizations must comply with in the audit, verification and certification processes are explained. Organizations that carry out management system certification are accredited in accordance with the ISO 17021 standard. Organizations that want to provide this service to companies can receive ISO 17021 consultancy service from Aşan Danışmanlık. Aşan Danışmanlık guides organizations in understanding all aspects of the standard correctly, meeting its requirements and other related issues.

What are the ISO 17021 Requirements?

ISO 17021-1 describes the general requirements and principles for the management system certification process. We can summarize the scope and articles of the standard as follows:

Principles: Competence, impartiality, confidentiality, openness, risk-based approach, etc.
General requirements: Liability and financing, regulations, contractual issues
Structural requirements: Organizational structure, role of top management, operations controls
Resource requirements: Personnel competence, external resources, external auditors, personnel involved in certification activities, records
Information requirements: confidentiality of customer information, certification documents, public and non-public information and documents, use of labeling and markings
Process requirements: Pre-certification, planning, audits, certification decision, document perpetuation, objections and complaints etc.

The issues included in other standards that explain the requirements specific to the management system are as follows:

ISO 17021 - 2: Environmental management system requirements
Environmental metrics, monitoring and measurement tools; Topics such as life cycle approach, emergency action plans, operational controls, facility management, measurement and monitoring of environmental performance are covered.

ISO 17021 - 3: Quality management system requirements
Requirements for issues such as quality management principles, the context of the organization, products, services and processes offered to customers are described.

ISO 17021 - 4: Event sustainability management system requirements
The event explains the criteria to be met on issues such as the basics of sustainability, sustainable development goals, legal obligations, measurement and monitoring of sustainability.

ISO 17021 - 5: Asset management system requirements
Criteria that organizations must meet are described in terms of the correct definition of asset management, business management practices, product and service optimization, asset management methods, etc.

ISO 17021 - 6: Business continuity management system requirements
Basic requirements for business continuity management, legal regulations, applied methodologies, plans, etc. are explained.

ISO 17021 - 7: Road traffic safety (RTS) management system requirements

ISO 17021 Consulting Service

Call Aşan Consulting, which provides organizations with training, consulting and certification support on all aspects of ISO management systems.

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