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17021 Certification Accreditation Consultancy

17021 Certification Accreditation Consultancy

17021 Certification Accreditation Consultancy, before its service What is 17021 Certification Accreditation? Let´s look at the answer to the question; ISO 17021 is the accreditation requirement for the organizations providing System Certification Service. It is also taken as a reference standard in the authorization of organizations.

With consultancy service, system certification bodies comply with certain standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 13485, ISO 22000, ISO 27001 etc.) and EA Codes with determined scope of activity and TSE EN ISO/IEC 17021 numbered standard and are ready for accreditation. is being made. In these operations, the general lines of which are clear, the publication and use of the internal control documents and instructions of the organizations according to the scope of their activities should be guaranteed.

Accreditation Application Process

17021 Certification Accreditation Consultancy, within the scope of certain standards in the application process, making offers, performing audits, issuing certificates, assigning auditors, etc. encompasses many processes. It is created and implemented in a written system for these processes. The accreditation process begins with the appointment and monitoring of auditors within the framework of the relevant standards and scopes. In this context, the application file is prepared and submitted to TURKAK, the accreditation institution in our country.

Within the scope of this process, the files are checked by TURKAK and in case of deficiencies, they are returned for completion. An agreement is reached between the auditors appointed during the consultancy process and the accreditation institution for the audit date. Then the auditors perform the document review and field audit. At this stage, non-compliance situations are eliminated and after everything is completed, the audit report is submitted to the accreditation agency certification committee. In case of compliance, the accreditation document is published.

Studies within the Scope of 17021 Certification Accreditation Consultancy

Although the studies carried out within the scope of consultancy differ according to the organizations, they are generally similar. The basis of the work begins with the meeting to be held with the top management of the organization and at this meeting the situation assessment and scope determination are made. The operation continues with the current situation determination of the organization as a result of the system analysis. One of the important points of the study is the auditors. Determining and supplying the needs of the auditors is among the steps that should be done at the beginning of the studies.

In the works within the scope of consultancy, authorizations are made by determining the organization management representative and the work team. Personnel competency analysis and assignment of duties, authorities and responsibilities are also important in authorizations. The studies continue with trainings after these stages. Basic standard training, documentation training, lead auditor training, etc. in trainings. are given as.

In the works, the ISO 17021 standard and the effective documentation structure required by the establishment activities are created and distributed to the relevant departments. In addition to the documentation usage control, revisions are also made when needed. Internal auditor trainings, preparation of internal audit questions and conducting internal audits are another phase of the studies.

It is very important to evaluate the effectiveness of the system at all stages in the studies within the scope of 17021 Certification Accreditation Consultancy. After the above steps, the studies on the application to the accreditation body are started. Necessary information about the certification audit is also provided. In the studies, participation in the accreditation audit and closing the nonconformities, if any, are ensured after the audit. All processes in accreditation consultancy work differ according to the institutions on the basis of the project start.

Within the scope of all these stages, there is also a standard determined by TS EN ISO IEC. If we take a look at these standards set for the 17021 Certification Accreditation item by item:

•    Login,

• Scope,

• Referenced Standards or Documents,

• Terms and Definitions;

    o Objection,
    o Candidate,
    o Certification Processes,
    o Certification Programs,
    o Certification Systems,
    o Competence,
    o Complaint,
    o Evaluation,
    o Qualification,
    o Document.

• Certification body Requirements;

    o Certification body,
    o Organizational structure,
    o Development and sustainability of the certification program,
    o Management System,
    o Use of subcontractors,
    o Registration,
    o Confidentiality,
    o Security

• Certification Body Personnel Requirements;

    o General,
    o Exam conditions,

• Certification Processes;

    o Application,
    o Evaluation,
    o Documented do not ,
    o Surveillance,
    o Recertification,
    o Use of documents, logos and brands

Public advertisement 17021 Certification Accreditation Consultancy is available as described above. EA, which is the agreement for the approval of the international validity of the accreditation, EA, which is the European Accreditation agreement, must have documented and authorized the standard and its scope by the institution.

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