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17024 Personnel Certification Consultancy

17024 Personnel Certification Consultancy

17024 Personnel Certification Consultancy covers the steps applied during the creation of this certification. The purpose of this certification is to determine the standards that certification bodies that will certify individuals must comply with. According to the 10024 Personnel Certification Standard, organizations establish their systems and make certification in accordance with national and international occupational standards and approve them by accreditation institutions.

In the increasingly globalized world, there is an increasing need for Personnel Certification and certification, depending on the process of creating common criteria and references caused by globalization and acting accordingly. To illustrate, there is a need for a system in which the competencies and abilities of a furniture master can be compared, measured and objectively evaluated regardless of his country or nationality. In line with this need, the ISO 17024 Personnel Certification standard has emerged.

17024 Personnel Information Standard, with its full name EN ISO/IEC 17024: 2012 Standard, has been prepared in cooperation with ISO/CASCO and CEN/CLC/TC 1 technical committees.

Criteria in Personnel Certification Certificates

In 17024 Personnel Certification, organizations are required to conduct an exam that includes objective criteria to measure and grade competence. We can say that a well-planned exam will provide the person with national and international recognition. The 17024 Personnel certification standard should contain requirements that ensure consistent, comparable and reliable operation. Among these conditions, certification of individuals cannot be realized without a certification program. The program is designed to complement the requirements in this standard and includes the requirements of the market.

17024 Personnel Certification Standard Sections

The standard basically consists of 10 items. These 10 items are separated within themselves together with the sub-items. The items that start with the introductory information about the standard include the conditions related to the compliance of the standard and other items that organizations have to fulfill. The Personnel Certification Standard sections are as follows:

• Scope

• Referenced Standards or documents,

• Terms and definitions,

o Certification process,
o Certification program,
o Certification requirements,
o Program Owner,
o Document,
o Competence,
o Attribute,
o Evaluation,
o Exam,
o Examiner,
o Exam Organizer,
o Objection,
o Complaint,
o Related Party,
o Surveillance

•  General conditions

o Legal Considerations,
o Responsibility for Certification Decision,
o Management of Impartiality,
o Financial Liability

• Structural Conditions

o Management Structure,
o Organizational Structure,
o Certification body structure in terms of education,
o Certification personnel,
o Outsourcing,
o Other Resources

• Registration and Information Conditions

o Applicant registration,
o Candidate and documented person registration,
o Public information,
o Confidentiality,
o Security

• Certification Program,
• Certification Process Conditions,

o Application,
o Evaluation,
o Exam process,
o Certification Decision,
o Suspension of certification,
o Re-certification,
o Use of documents, logos and signs,
o Objection to the certification decision,
o Complaints,

•    Management system

o General,
o General Management System Condition,

17024 Personnel Certification Consultancy Functioning

Approval by the relevant authority operating according to nationally and internationally accepted technical criteria by conformity assessment bodies is called accreditation. Each country has an accredited institution established in accordance with its own national structure. In our country, this institution is called TURKAK. In the operation of 17024 Personnel Certification Consultancy, there is the operation of the consultancy system, including all the stages to be carried out with TURKAK. This operation may differ according to the structure of the institutions.

There are documents that need to be created within the scope of 17024 Personnel Certification. Let´s take a look at these documents one by one:

• Certification, Suspension and Withdrawal,
• Certificate Format,
• Roles and Responsibilities,
• Structure of the Organization,
• HR Procedure,
• Personnel Contracts,
• Subcontractor Contracts,
• Impartiality/Confidentiality Declaration,
• Examiners (Officers) Training Plan,
• Examiners (Officers) Evaluation Form,
• Examiners (Officers) Qualification,
• Identifying training needs,
• Training calendar,
• Training report,
• Subcontractor job responsibility,
• Outsourcing Procedures,
• Recording List,
• Privacy Policy,
• Security Procedure,
• Marketing, Contract Procedures,
• Questions,
• Bid Formats,
• Contract Checklist,
• Survey Forms,
•   reporting,
• Event Log,
• Quality policy,
• Documents List,
• Audit Plan,
• Internal Audit Reports,
• Nonconformity Report,
• Corrective and Preventive Actions,
• Preventive Activity Reports.

It is a requirement for the ISO 17024 Personnel Training Standard to be trained for voluntarily testing and evaluation organizations who have the necessary training competence.

It will not be enough to apply the 17024 standards that want to get accredited. The cheapness of the facilities and, from a financial point of view, simple simplification options. Persons assigned by the accreditation process are requested to be accredited and financial resources are examined. It is not necessary to meet the standards to be established by the general explanation, financially and financially sufficient, but sufficient adequacy.