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96/16/ AT - 95/16/EC Elevator Regulation

Article 1 - Purpose of this Regulation; In the buildings built according to the Zoning Law and related zoning regulations,
Project designing, designing, manufacturing, assembly of elevators and safety components used in transportation of people and cargo, and
when properly maintained and operated in a way that does not endanger the health and safety of users
to ensure that they are placed on the market; basic health and safety rules that must be followed during the design and manufacturing stages.
Conformity assessment procedures to be followed and notified bodies that will perform conformity assessment.
to determine the minimum criteria to be considered in his appointment.

Article 2 - The issues related to the scope of this Regulation are specified below.
a) This Regulation, the elevators used continuously in buildings and constructions and listed in Annex-IV
It covers the safety components to be used in elevators.
Elevators moving on a fixed line, even if they do not move along non-flexible rails,
covered (eg scissor lifts).
All or some of the risks specified in this Regulation for elevators are covered by certain regulations.
this Regulation shall not allow for such elevators before the effective date of these specific regulations.
is not applied or stopped.

b) This Regulation does not cover the elevators listed below.
1) Wired overhead lines, including public or private, suspended-cable railways for human transportation,
2) Specially designed and constructed elevators for military or security purposes,
3) Mine cranes,
4) Stage lifts,
5) Lifts mounted on transport vehicles,
6) Lifts connected to the machines and for entrance only to the workplace,
7) Trains running on Disc Rocks,
8) Plant lifts used in the construction area for elevators for the transportation of people or people and cargo.

Article 3 - This Regulation, on the Preparation and Application of the Technical Legislation on Products No. 4703
It has been prepared based on the Law and the Law No. 4077 on Consumer Protection.

Article 4 - In this Regulation;
a) Ministry: Ministry of Industry and Trade,
b) Undersecretariat: Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade,
c) Commission: The European Union Commission,
d) Elevator: In buildings and constructions, providing a certain level of service, not flexible and horizontally from 15 °.
having a cabinet that moves along the fixed rails forming an excessive angle and;
- Peoples,
- People and loads and
- If you can enter the cabin, that is, if a person can enter the cabin without difficulty and inside or inside a cabin
if it is equipped with controls placed so that the person is easily accessible, it is only intended for transporting loads.
e) Model elevator: Model defined by objective values ??and using similar security components in its technical file.
Sample showing how the elevators manufactured in accordance with the lift will meet the basic safety rules
(It is allowed between elevators that make up the parts of elevators that are types of model elevators and model elevators.
all variations should be clearly stated in the technical file along with their maximum and minimum values.
Similarity of various equipment calculation and / or design plans to provide basic safety rules
f) Elevator Company: Design, manufacture, installation of elevators covered by this Regulation,
responsible for the project, its maintenance, business license and its launch, and its name, trademark
or natural or legal persons who put the distinctive mark, attach the CE mark and issue the EC declaration of conformity;
Turkey except in the case of elevator companies, the authorized representative of the elevator company and / or importer;
In addition, the fact that the elevator is located in the supply chain and whose activities affect the elevator safety features
legal person or organization,
g) Safety components: Elevator parts and parts listed in Annex IV,
h) Safety parts manufacturer: From the design of the safety parts of the elevators covered by this Regulation,
responsible for the manufacture, placing on the market and attaching the CE mark to the product and issuing the EC declaration of conformity.
real or legal person or organization; If the safety components manufacturer in Turkey outside, safety components
the representative and / or importer authorized by the manufacturer company; also included in the security chain´s supply chain
real or legal person, whose area and activities affect the characteristics of elevator safety,
i) Module: Which suitability according to the risks carried by the elevator or security component in accordance with this Regulation.
each of the ways to indicate that it will be subject to evaluation,
j) CE Conformity mark: The lifts or security components or elevators covered by this Regulation
environment and human beings while working or using other equipment, components and parts related to elevators