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ACS (Certificate of Conformitte Sanitaire-Health Compliance)

ACS (Certificate of Conformitte Sanitaire-Health Compliance)

ACS document; It is the name of the standardization developed in 1999 by the French Health authorities for the sectors that have products in contact with water, and the document given accordingly. ACS Certificate is the document given by subjecting a number of important tests to show the suitability of the use of these products. E.g; It is a certificate stating that the materials or products used for materials and products that come into contact with drinking water in France are safe.
Manufacturers must obtain an ACS Certificate in order to export to France. For this, there are a number of steps to be done and documents to be obtained. In addition, the fees paid for this certificate are within the scope of state supports. In other words, some of the payments to be made are covered by the state. In the tests and processes, all materials used in a product that will come into contact with water are examined. If the materials comply with the positive list and the required test is successfully completed, the ACS Certificate is issued to be valid for 5 years. In order to get the document again, the tests need to be repeated and the person, organization or institution has to go through the previous stages.

It is a mandatory document for companies that want to export to France and have products in contact with water. It shows that the product to be exported meets the security requirements required by French laws.

For the product to be exported; In order to obtain ACS Certificate, the products must be approved by a laboratory authorized by French laws. Thus, mutual trust will be established and confirmed between the parties.

Payments to be made for the ACS Certificate are supported by the Ministry of Economy at the rate of 50% without repayment within the scope of export incentives. This issue is very important in encouraging the manufacturer for the procedures to be taken in the purchase of the certificate.

How to Get ACS Certificate?

Testing services are always required to understand the quality standard of the product in export transactions and produced samples.

The requirements for obtaining ACS are currently being prepared by the European Commission. ACS is given by being tested in laboratories authorized by the French health service.

Manufacturers must obtain ACS Certificate for exports to France through Social Company Certification Services. Fees paid for this certificate are supported by 50% within the scope of state supports.

The certification process is approximately 1 month, and if the products subject to the test comply with the positive list and the necessary tests are completed successfully, the ACS Certificate is issued for 5 years. It must be taken again at the end of 5 years.

Government Support for ACS Certificate Purchases

Document acquisition charges are supported at 50% and up to a maximum of $25,000 per Market Entry Document. Up to a maximum of $250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) USD per company per year. The annual upper limit of 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) USD per company is calculated based on the applications made within a calendar year. The application date is the IBGS document entry date of the application file.

The items of expenses supported under this article are as follows:

o Application and document review expenses
o Certification audit expenses
o Document usage fees for the first year
o Test / analysis report expenses
o Mandatory Registration Fees
o Health / safety certificate fee for agricultural product analysis
o Accreditation fee for agricultural product analysis

The following expense items are not supported.

- Training and consultancy services
- Travel expenses
- surveillance fee
- Inspection fees for agricultural products

In addition to all these, in order to receive incentives, an application must be made within six months after the preparation of the document.

In order to ensure that the test / analysis reports can be supported in the process of obtaining the document; Relevant ones of the following documents should be provided:

1- In cases where the Test / Analysis Report is mandatory for entering the relevant country market, documents showing this situation,
2- In case the test / analysis is done for a tender abroad, the specification of the relevant tender,
3- In cases where the test / analysis report subject to support provides an advantage in entering a country market, a letter or order form or contract to be received from the customer stating that the test / analysis report is made based on the customer´s request from abroad.
In order to obtain more detailed information about ACS (Certificate of Conformitte Sanitaire-Health Compliance), Aşan Danışmanlık should be contacted.