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ADR Trainings

Our SRC-5 (ADR) Driver Training starts on 23-24-25 / 11/2012. You need to send the information of the registrants until 16.11.2012, 15:00, and the required list. Registration procedures for SRC Trainings will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Vocational Qualification Training Regulation, and the names must be notified to the Ministry 6 days before the training begins.

3/1 of the training fee will be charged for cancellations made after notification to the Ministry (6 days before training).

The registration process starts with sending the name list and the required documents to the Ministry by e-mail. After we receive the name list and the required documents, your registration will be taken.

Documents Required for ADR Training Declaration;

* Population Wallet Copy
* License Copy
* SRC – 3 or SRC – 4 Document Copy (If SRC-3 or SRC-4 document is not in possession but appears to be deserved in the Ministry´s site, this person can enter the training.)
* 2 Images
* Photocopy of the diploma
* Driver Gsm no
* Address information (must be correct and complete)

These documents should be with us before notification to the Ministry. You can report the requested documents and information by e-mail. If the participation is final, please do not wait for the last day and register.

Trainings take 2.5 days as before. The exam will be held at the end of the training and the successful participants will be entitled to take the Training Completion Certificate and will be entitled to take the SRC-5 Exam organized by the Ministry.

Important note: All vehicle drivers who will enter and exit the ports at the end of 2012 are required to receive the IMDG training. People who have qualified for the SRD-5 certificate can attend the IMDG training. In this sense, your company must complete the SRC-5 training and take the exam for your drivers as soon as possible.

For more detailed information, you can call us on the phones below.