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AQAP 2110 Certificate

Getting AQAP 2110 Certificate

AQAP 2110 Certificate (Allied Quality Assurance Publications) is a standard published for the design, development and production quality requirements of all suppliers of armies in countries including NATO. You can get it in the easiest way with the expert support of Consultancy that exceeds your AQAP 2110 document that all companies that want to participate in the military material tenders of the Ministry of National Defense in Turkey must receive.

Who Should Receive the AQAP 2110 Certificate?

No. 5201 designated by the Ministry of national defense under the law “will be subject to control and military supplies, weapons, ammunition and spare parts, military explosives, list of terms related to the technologies that belongs to them” engaged in the production of any material, which forms the content of AQAP 2110 certificate are required to take. AQAP 2110 applications of companies that are excluded from this scope are not accepted.

History of AQAP 2110

AQAP standard documents, including AQAP 2110, first appeared in 1968 as quality sets created in the military field for NATO member states. The AQAP documents have been revised over the years in parallel with the developments in the ISO 9000 standards on which they are based, and AQAP 2110 last published the AQAP 2110 - 2016 version in June 2016. Today, the same standards are applied in all NATO member states.

How to Apply for AQAP 2110 Certificate?

As Aşan Consulting, we support our valuable companies who applied to us for the AQAP 2110 certificate with our expertise throughout the entire process and save time. You can take advantage of our experience during the whole process that we have detailed below:

1. Companies that want to obtain AQAP 2110 Certificate prepare a Turkish Quality System Document (KSD) that will serve as a guide for design, development, production operations for the quality management of production activities and related services. The Quality System Document consists of the ”Quality Manual“ (KEK) and the "Quality System Procedures (KSP).

2. The company will provide the KSD prepared for the quality management system to the Quality Assurance Directorate (KGM) in the blue folder in order to ensure standardization and will request AQAP 2110 certificate.

3. All additional documents requested for the october will also be submitted in full at the time of application.

4. The applicant company will fulfill the basic requirements for the certification specified in the protocol it has submitted.

5. The company will be notified of the issues that need to be corrected during the preliminary examination of the KGM through the presented file, and the company will make corrections to the KSDDE. After the corrections, the KSD will be submitted to the KGMye for re-examination.

6. The company that complies with the KSDsi regulation and is included in the inspection program will be notified of the inspection date, and the company will make the necessary program to assist the inspection committee on the specified date. During the audit, the company will give an introductory briefing, as well as applications and records with the relevant personnel will be made available.

7. If there are any nonconformities detected during the examination, the company will make the requested documentation, organization and implementation arrangements and KGMye will provide official notification.

Documents Required for Applying for the AQAP 2110 Certificate

- AQAP Quality Assurance System Certification application letter.

- Turkish Quality System Document (Quality Manual (KEK) and Turkish Quality System Procedures (KSP)) and other quality documentation such as instructions, forms and quality standards if necessary (All documents will be in the blue folder to ensure standardization).

- Promotional Form of Your Company

- Dec signed between the Ministry of National Defense and your company

- Trade registry registration *

- The taxpayer´s certificate that you will receive from the tax office *

- “Certificate of Establishment / Production Authorization“ issued by the National Security Authority of the Defense Industry *

- The last 3 documents mentioned above are not required for institutions and organizations affiliated to the TAF, as well as public organizations.
We are also with you as an Excess Consultant for these documents required to obtain the AQAP 2110 Certificate.

Responsibilities of Companies Holding AQAP 2110 Certificate

After obtaining the AQAP certificate, Aşan Consulting company offers expert support in all the responsibilities listed below.

- Your company will apply the disciplines / methods specified in the KSDDE based on the certification without exception and will ensure its continuation.

- If your company plans to make changes to the issues specified in the KSDDE, you should inform the KGMye in advance. If KGM does not respond negatively within 30 days from the date of notification of the change, you can apply these changes.

- During the validity period of your document, you must provide the necessary organization and order for the dec examinations to be held by the delegation of the Ministry of National Defense with 48 hours´ notice.

- You will correct the nonconformities identified and reported in writing during the interim examinations and inform the DEC.

- If your company´s expired document is requested to be renewed, this request will be notified to KGMye by applying for renewal at least 3 months before the expiration date of the document validity period. In this context, the processes and applications specified in the relevant directive will be followed.

- In case your company stops production, dismisses its workers, moves its facility, changes the type of production or changes its name and title, it is necessary to inform the MSB Quality Management Department of these changes within 10 working days. If your company does not make a notification within this scope, your AQAP document will be canceled without any warning.

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