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Atex Training

ATEX 94/9 and ATEX 137 “Explosive Gas Environments and Equipment” and “Explosive Gas Environments Occupational Health and Safety” Regulation / Directive Standard Type Training Program Outline

It is a certification related to equipment and systems operating in potentially explosive atmospheres, and is also referred to as 94/9 / At directive inspection. Atex; It is an abbreviation of atmospheric and exposible words.

As of July 2003, EU institutions have established directives to take measures and protect workers by evaluating the risk of explosions in explosive atmospheres. One of the Directives is intended to take measures by evaluating potential explosives against any explosion risk, and the other is to protect employees while working and found in flammable and explosive environments.

Training Program Target

* Subject to Turkey in general theoretical and practical application in a short time contribute to the development and adoption of necessary measures quickly,
* To increase collaboration with audit institutions.
* Training risk departmental organizations on ATEX.
* Training producers and service organizations.
* To provide occupational health and safety trainings within the scope of ATEX.
* To provide system operation under ATEX.
* Contributing to the development of ATEX Directive practices in the public and private sectors.

Target group

* Responsible people
* Filling and storage facility staff
* LPG and fuel station staff
* Plumbing staff
* Manufacturing personnel
* Public and private sector audit staff
* Training of experts and experts

Training Program Content

* Concept and Development of Explosive Gas Environments
* ATEX 94/9 and ATEX 137 Directives
* ATEX Directives Basic Principles and Applications
* ATEX Directives Risk Analysis
* Explosive Gas Environments
* Equipment Used in Explosive Gas Environments
* Explosive Gas Environments System Management (EN 13980)
* Select Rules
* Questions and answers
* Exam and closing

Related Regulations;

The Arrival of the Explosion

Explosive Gas and Dust Environments

Danger Zones and Classification

Classification in Electrical Devices

Classification in Mechanical Devices

Protection Types and Marking in Exproof Equipment

IP xy Protection Ratings

Grounding and Static Electricity

Plant Installation and Periodic Maintenance

Equipment Revision

Occupational Health and Safety at the Facilities (ATEX 99/92)

Personal Protective Equipment and Service Equipment

EN 60079-19 Standard and Application Questions and Answers


Determination of Maintenance, Training and Audit Dates

Checking available documents in the maintenance unit

1 day theoretical + 1 day practical application training after System Document review

Audit Planning and Execution 1 day

Certification (Maintenance / Service Documents are for 1 year)