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Authorization Documents

  K Certificate

It is a document issued by the Ministry of Transportation to natural and legal persons who will carry out domestic goods transportation. There are 3 types of K Documents according to the type of carriage, they are classified as K1, K2, K3 Certificate of Authority.

K document is compulsory according to the 27255 HIGHWAY TRANSPORT REGULATION published in the Official Gazette on 11.06.2009, and administrative fines are imposed if not received. The validity period of the K type authorization certificates is 5 years. After 5 years, it is updated by applying with current company documents.

SRC Certificate

The src certificate is a type of document that must be obtained in order for the owners of standard driving license to use the vehicles used for commercial purposes. In order to obtain a SRC certificate, first of all, your exemption or course status will be checked and your transactions will be carried out accordingly. If you have received a driver´s license before February 25, 2003, TC. It is possible to get SRC certificate without having to take the exam made by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication and any course.


Psychotechnical Certificate is the general name of the Ministry of Health Approved report and card that people who drive for commercial purposes pass through the test and interview every 5 years. reports are delivered in three copies. This report; It is valid for five years. A reminder is made by our staff one month before the end of the psychotechnical test. It is possible that drivers who do not renew every 5 years do not appear in GBT, so they can be met at any time with a loaded penalty.