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It is the name given to the symbol formed by long and short black bars consisting of lines of different thickness drawn in a rectangular shape, parallel to and the spaces between these lines. Barcodes allow data to be transferred from one environment to another automatically and without error.
Many information such as product stock codes such as reference numbers can be easily accessed via barcodes. Barcodes enable this information to be entered into the computer environment in a much faster and healthier way than manually.
It started to be developed by Bernand Silver in 1940 to quickly register the products of an American supermarket chain. The system developed by Bernand emerged with a method similar to Morse code. Later, this system gave way to thin lines. This method, which is still used today, is the most widely used barcode system.
What Do the Lines on the Barcode Mean?
Barcodes consist of lines and spaces of different thickness. The black lines on the barcodes indicate the number 1 and the spaces on the barcodes indicate the number 0. The meanings of the lines vary according to their thickness. The thinnest black line denotes one unit (1), while the thickest black line denotes four units (1111).
The same is true for spaces as in lines. The narrowest space is one unit (0), the widest space is four units (0000).
The most widely used and best known barcode type in our country is the EAN - 13 barcode. This barcode consists of 13 digits. The first of these numbers divided into 4 parts consists of 3 numbers. The first part shows the country or symbol code. This code varies from country to country. Each country has its own codes.
The second part shows the firm code. This part consists of 4 numbers. The third part consists of 5 numbers and is used for product promotion. The last digit is for the fourth part. This section is created as a result of calculations so that the barcode can be read correctly.
UPC Barcode
UPC is an abbreviation for Universal Product Code. It is one of the barcode standards with the widest application of UPC codes, which also means universal product code. UPC barcode systems are mostly UPC - A and UPC - E.
UPC - A is used for the retail industry. 11 of UPC - A symbols consisting of 12 digit numerical characters are defined as data and 1 as the check digit.
UPC - E is a 7-digit UPC symbology. This barcode type used for the small-scale retail sector is entered in 6 digits, the 7th digit is the control digit.
Benefits of Barcode for Manufacturers and Retailers
Provides traceability required by ISO standards,
o It allows tracking the entry - exit and stock information of the products,
o Facilitates the inspection of products,
o Shortens the process of quality - control processes,
Provides instant control of stock status in product orders,
o Cost tracking is provided,
o Working efficiency increases,
o Labor and space saving,
o The mobility and stock status of the products can be easily monitored.
o Inventory counting takes place quickly and reliably.
o Convenience is provided in the management of the products in the warehouse and in the aisle layout.
o Waiting time of customers is shortened and transactions are accelerated.
o Errors in transactions are reduced and customers´ trust is ensured.
o Data can be reached easily in sales statistics.
o Convenience is provided in closing the safe.
Barcode Printing Methods
There are multiple different methods for barcode printing. These ways have their advantages and disadvantages. If we look at the barcode printing methods in terms of items;
Barcode printing on laser printer,
Barcode printing on barcode printer,
Direct Thermal Printing,
Thermal Transfer Printing,
All Barcode Types
o COD 39
o COD 128
o COD 93
PDF 417
How to Create a Barcode Number?
It is necessary to have a certain numerical order in order to be registered to the barcode system, which makes the systemic work easier. Each country must be included in the system with its own barcode reference number. Turkey´s barcode number is 869. For more detailed information about barcode and certification training, you should contact Aşan Consultancy.