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Chemical substances used to control and kill living organisms and microorganisms formed by mixing one or more active substances are called biocides. It is used to protect the health of people and animals and to keep microorganisms away. Biocidal products keep microorganisms such as fungi, viruses and bacteria, which are harmful for human health, away from their biological and chemical effects thanks to their active ingredients. Along with these microorganisms, it plays a role in removing or eliminating insects and pests such as ticks, houseflies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and rodent creatures such as mice and rats. Biocidal products are divided into several classes according to the environment and purpose in which they are used.
Classification of Biocidal Products
• Protective biocidal products;
1. Wood preservatives,
2. Canned preservatives,
3. Liquid metal processing protective products,
4. Fabric, leather and fiber protective products,
• Disinfectants:
1. Products used for the hygiene of living things,
2. Products used in the general area and during personal disinfection,
3. Products that disinfect drinking water,
4. Products used in the food field,
• Biocidal products used against pests, insects and rodents;
1. Products used for the control of rodents such as mice and rats,
2. Products used in the control of insects such as mosquitoes, houseflies and cockroaches,
3. The products used in fish, including the products used in the treatment of diseases occurring in fish,
4. Repellent biocidal products,
• Biocidal products used outside of the above areas,
1. Products used against degradation,
2. Products used in foodstuffs,
3. Products used to control other vertebrates other than insects,
are listed as.
Biocidal products with different usage areas play an effective role in protection, removal and prevention of microbes, bacteria, viruses, insects and rodents. Thanks to these effects, it stands in an important place in human life. Biocidal products are also used effectively as preservatives. Food, feed etc. canned products are used to prevent microbial spoilage. They prevent the microbial spoilage and prolong the shelf life of foods.
Wood preservatives are used against all kinds of wood materials used by people and against microorganisms that damage these materials. Thanks to its effects such as preventing and eliminating these microorganisms, it provides long-term preservation of wooden products. Biocidal products are also used for microbial deterioration in products such as leather, fiber, paper. The biocidal products used due to their protective properties prevent and prevent microbial spoilage and show a healing property. Biocidal products offer many uses for use in different areas. However, biocidal products are products that should be considered in addition to the benefits they provide in use. The chemical structure contained in it and affecting usage should not be forgotten. There are considerations to consider when choosing a biocidal product according to our needs.
Issues to Consider When Choosing a Biocidal Product
Biocidal products are products that should be used in a controlled manner. Since biocidal products contain active substances, they can be chemically reacted. If it is not used carefully and under control, it may create hazards to human health. In addition to damage to human health, improper use can cause environmental damage, depending on the area of ??use. When using the products, much attention should be paid to which ones are used by stretches. These products must have a license from the Ministry of Health before they are placed on the market. Biocidal products used against disinfectants and insects, rodents and pests and directly in contact with living beings must have obtained a license from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, and the biocidal products used for preventive purposes and that serve other purposes, from the Directorate of Environmental Health of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. . Particularly, when purchasing biocidal products, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is registered or licensed in the Ministry of Health. The instructions for use of the products should be read carefully before using biocidal products. It is necessary to use gloves to avoid exposure to the effects of biocidal products. In order not to be exposed to any effects in the respiratory tract, the effect during breathing can be prevented by using a mask. Since biocidal products are used in agriculture, it may have been used in fruits and vegetables during production. Therefore, fruits and vegetables should be consumed by washing with plenty of water before consumption. There are also biocidal products in shampoo, cosmetic products, various creams and personal care products. Therefore, before using these personal care and cleaning products, attention should be paid to whether they have a license.
Whether it is suitable for the area used should be thoroughly examined and expert help should be sought when specialists are required. In cases where personal protective equipment is required, attention must be paid and all precautions must be taken. Whether it is sufficient or not should be investigated thoroughly before the application process and should be used where appropriate. Food and foodstuffs should be kept away from household products such as bleach. These products should be kept out of the reach of children. It should never be mixed with other disinfectant products or chemicals. In case of need for ventilation during use, the area used must be ventilated. These products should be used at the appropriate dosage. Using more than the required dose creates serious problems.