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Boats and Personal Watercraft CE Certificate

Boats and Personal Watercraft CE Certificate

In line with the European Union´s directive numbered 2013/53/EU, boat and boat equipment manufacturers, boats and personal watercraft must obtain CE Certificate. This directive has been harmonized with the Regulation on Recreational Boats and Personal Watercraft published in the Official Gazette dated 5 May 2017 and numbered 30057 by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications in our country. Boats and personal watercraft CE Certificate is given to manufacturers who meet the design and production requirements specified in this regulation, as well as the conditions for placing on the market. This legal regulation, conformity assessment procedures, in which all issues related to the CE Certificate of boats and personal watercraft are discussed; It explains the duties and responsibilities of manufacturers, the Ministry and notified bodies. The ultimate aim of the regulation is to ensure that boats and boat equipment adapt to the latest technological innovations in the industry and meet all technical, health, safety and environmental protection criteria.

Boats and Personal Watercraft What is CE Certificate?

EU regulation 2013/53/EU on recreational craft sets minimum requirements for the design and construction as well as trade of boats, personal watercraft, propulsion engines and components. The regulation sets out the minimum safety and environmental requirements for recreational craft and personal watercraft between 2.5 m and 24 m, which are guaranteed to be suitable for sale or use in Europe. Any boat introduced to the EU market as new or used for the first time under the Directive must comply with the essential requirements set out in the directive´s annexes. These cover technical, safety and environmental aspects.
The new directive restricted the range of excluded products. Although canoes and boats are not within the scope of the previous directive, it is stated that only those who act with human power will be excluded in this regulation. Similarly, surfboards designed to be driven only by the wind are not covered by the regulation.

Boats and Personal Watercraft CE Certificate Scope

The products listed below are covered by the boats and personal watercraft CE Certificate:
• Fully or partially completed pleasure boats and personal watercraft
• The following watercraft components placed on the market separately;
o The stern driven gasoline engines positioned inside the watercraft and the equipment that protects the engine and fuel tank components from fire
o Rudder wheels, mechanisms and single gear
o Ready hood and portholes
o If the engine is outboard mounted on a watercraft, equipment that prevents the engine from starting in gear
o Fuel tank and hoses
• New or majorly modified propulsion engines installed for marine vessels
• Watercraft requiring major renovations
Gondolas, surfboards, submarines, air-cushioned boats, pedestal boats; Sea vehicles working with coal, wood, etc., rowing training boats, boats produced for test purposes, etc. are outside the scope of the regulation.
For the CE Certificate of boats and personal watercraft, the manufacturers must meet the requirements on the following issues explained in the regulation and/or the standards harmonized with the regulation:
• Watercraft identification plate and manufacturer´s plate
• Overboard prevention and re-boarding equipment
• But view in place of control
• Owner´s manual
•    Structure
• Balance and freebod
• Buoyancy and buoyancy
• Openings in hull, deck and superstructure
• Water intake
• Manufacturer´s recommended maximum load
• Life raft placement
• Leave the boat
• Anchorage, mooring and towing operations
• Exhaust emission
• Continuity
• Noise emission

How to Obtain CE Certificate for Boats and Personal Watercraft?

Boats and personal watercraft CE Certificate is issued under the following conformity assessment procedures and requirements:
• Module PCA: Equivalent compliance based on post-production evaluation (Module PCA)
• Additional requirements when using production control + supervised production tests regulated in module A1
• Production conformity assessment for exhaust and noise emissions
• Additional procedure for conformity to type based on internal production control (Module C)
Manufacturers who want to obtain a certificate must first meet the technical, health, environmental and safety requirements specified in the regulation regarding their products. For this purpose, studies such as testing, analysis, measurement, calculation, etc. should be carried out according to the regulations and/or the referenced standards. It is also necessary to prepare a technical dossier containing the EU declaration of conformity. Also in the technical file;
• general description of the type
• drawings, circuits and/or schematics of the design, subcomponents and assemblies
• detailed descriptions of how the relevant equipment or system works
• reports on testing, analysis, measurement and calculations
• test reports on balance and buoyancy
• exhaust and noise emission reports should be included.
All work required for CE Certification of boats and personal watercraft must be carried out under the supervision of a notified body. If the notified bodies approve the adequacy of the work done and the compliance with the regulation, the applicant manufacturer boats and personal watercraft can get CE Certificate.
Boats and Personal Watercraft CE Certificate Benefits
We can summarize the benefits to be obtained by the certificate holder companies as follows:
• Ability to offer CE certified products to the EU market and domestic market
• Being exempt from legal sanctions on key issues related to product safety, durability and environmental compatibility
• Increase in customer satisfaction and decrease in complaints
• Reduction of product recalls
• Increase in corporate reputation and brand prestige
• Obtaining privileges in tenders and benefiting from government incentives more easily

Boats and Personal Watercraft CE Certificate Consulting

Aşan Consulting provides a professional consultancy service on boats and personal watercraft CE Certificate, enabling companies in the sector to obtain certificates very quickly and easily. Companies that want to obtain a certificate can contact Aşan Danışmanlık to learn all the details of the certification process and request the creation of a comprehensive certification plan. Aşan Consulting supports companies at all stages of the CE Certificate for boats and personal watercraft.