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Bone - Overshoes - Gloves CE Certificate
What is CE Certificate?
Thanks to the developing and changing technology, many chemical products can be produced today. While some of these products (such as fiberglass) are very useful for us, some of them can be harmful to human health in the short term or long term (paraben, phthalate, etc.). Knowing whether these chemicals meet some standards related to human health is one of the issues that many consumers want to learn. CE marking regulation is also an arrangement with these or similar objectives. CE Mark; It is a sign used to show that the product on which it is placed meets certain conditions or standards for human health and safety and the protection of the environment.
This mark is a regulation for the inspection of products circulating within the European Economic Area (EEA) or requested to enter as a result of exports to this area. If a product is in a risky product group and meets the requirements for CE Marking, a certificate is issued by the authorized institution about this product and about this mark. This given document is called CE Certificate. CE marking; There are those who define it with the initials of the words "Conformité Européenne" in French, which means "European Conformity", but there are also those who state that they are not defined as such in the relevant legislation. This mark can be indicated as the manufacturer´s warranty statement or, in a sense, a passport or passport for this product to be able to move around the EEA easily. This mark is not a quality certificate and should not be confused with quality certificates.
Placement of CE Mark on Products
If a product is not in the risky product group; the manufacturer can place the CE Mark on its product itself, that is, the mark in question for this product is not given by an authorized institution. However, if this product is in the risky product group, approval must be obtained from the relevant place in order to place the CE mark. For example;
• If the product is not in the risky product group; The manufacturer can say or specify the conformity of the product with the essential requirements. The important thing here; the manufacturer does not engage in a fraudulent or illegal practice and is aware of the possibility of facing sanctions if found. In other words, if it is thought that a product does not meet the required standards regarding CE Mark; the consumer has the right to complain about this product and the brand to the relevant places.
• If the product is in the risky product group; Compliance of this product with the essential requirements must be examined and approved by an authorized institution. Depending on the risk level of the product, an organization authorized by the relevant ministry and recognized by the European Union (EU) may allow the CE marking to be placed by performing the necessary tests. In this context, the duty of a manufacturer who wants to place a CE Mark on a product in the risky product group is to apply to the authorized certification body and to fulfill the requirements requested from him. Then, it is to obtain the CE Certificate showing that the product is suitable to bear the CE mark and place this mark on the product.
Bone - Overshoes - Gloves CE Certificate
One of the products whose use and importance has increased due to diseases such as Coronavirus, SARS and MERS that have emerged in recent years, are masks, hand cleaning gels (disinfectants), caps, shoe covers, gloves and overalls. Materials such as cap, shoe covers, gloves and masks, which are widely used in the medical field, must meet certain standard and hygienic conditions. For this reason, it is important for companies that produce these products to document that the products in question meet the required standards and have successfully passed tests such as durability and permeability. To obtain the Bone - Galosh - Glove CE Certificate, authorized certification companies should be consulted and the necessary tests should be performed. Products that successfully pass the necessary tests and meet the relevant standards can be placed on the market.
Bone - Shoe - managing the required testing process for medical products such as gloves, preparation of technical documentation and the EC (European Community - European Community (EC)) Compliance creation of the Declaration document, the product of the European Economic Area and the free trade in Turkey is critical to be made has. The EC Declaration of Conformity; Regarding a product bearing the CE mark of the manufacturer, it is a written statement by the manufacturer that the product in question fulfills the EU requirements.
CE Marking is mandatory carriage of products, to be exported to the EU without this mark and sold in Turkey, distributed and used can be specified as difficult or even impossible. Because, with the regulations issued in our country recently, it has been made mandatory for many products to have CE marks. For detailed information about these regulations, you can enter the regulations page at https://www.mevzuat.gov.tr/. You can also access the "CE" Marking Regulation from this page.