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BRGCS ETRS Consulting Service

What is BRGCS (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards)?

BRGCS (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards) is a London-based organization established in 1996 to ensure food safety. It works for companies to harmonize their food safety standards in their supply chain processes. BRGCS, which was established by retailers who came together for this purpose, is known not only in the food industry but also in many areas. The organization, which is the most respected third-party certification program operator in this field, has many different standards. We can say that BRGCS standards are for the following areas:

Ø Agents and brokers

Ø Consumer products

Ø Ethical trading and responsible sourcing (ETRS)

Ø Food safety

Ø Food safety culture excellence

Ø Gluten-free product (Gluten-free) certificate

Ø Packaging materials

Ø Plant-based certification

Ø Retail

Ø Storage and distribution

BRCGS operates under LGC ASSURE. LGC ASSURE brings together different global brands to provide supply chain assurance solutions at critical touchpoints, with a focus on the manufacturing, laboratory, ingredients and nutritional supplements industries. The organization serves more than 45,000 customers in more than 160 countries at 13 specific locations around the world to provide intelligence analysis on the safety, quality and authenticity of goods and services, as well as evolving value factors such as health, the environment, human well-being and ethical impact.

What is ETRS (Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing)?

The ETRS (Ethical Trading and Responsible Sourcing) standard provides consumers with the assurance they seek and workers the protection they deserve. The BRCGS ETRS standard meets the ever-evolving needs of customers and is responsive to changes in buyer, regulatory and investor behavior. It is also known as the only global standard that ensures supply chain trust and true social cohesion.

The BRGCS ETRS standard was developed to enable suppliers to demonstrate that the goods and/or services they sell were produced ethically. The standard helps an organization comply with ethical trading and responsible sourcing principles. In this context, it provides a framework for establishing its own ethical business and responsible sourcing management system. The ETRS standard specifies the criteria necessary to ensure that an enterprise fulfills legal and moral obligations to workers, that facilities are safe and do not harm workers´ health, as well as protect employment and human rights.

The BRGCS ETRS standard is the first and only program of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) recognized by the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) and its member organizations. SSCI seeks to build trust in the consumer goods industry by recognizing programs that meet key sustainability criteria. A preferred reference point for the consumer goods industry, SSCI also complements the product safety standards of GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), a well-established and respected certification program.

The ETRS standard applies to facilities where production and secondary processing/packaging as well as storage and distribution or agents and broker activities take place. It is also used to provide related services for subcontracted services such as providing labor through third parties, cleaning or pest control.

The BRGCS ETRS standard also offers facilities the opportunity to obtain certification. For this, businesses need to pass an audit. The initial certification audit performed by a BRCGS approved third party organization has two phases. Certified facilities must undergo an annual surveillance audit to monitor ongoing compliance at one stage. They are then required to undergo a recertification audit every three years to revalidate their certification.

Businesses that want to obtain BRGCS ETRS certification should first prepare for audits and complete the necessary work for certification. For this reason, it is recommended that companies with the aim of obtaining certificates receive BRGCS ETRS consultancy.

BRGCS ETRS Consulting Service

BRGCS ETRS consultancy is given to companies that want to comply with the requirements of the standard and obtain a valid certificate by verifying this compliance. With a quality consultancy service, the certification process can be planned professionally; all needs such as training, inspection, surveillance, testing and product verification can be met. We can say that organizations providing BRGCS ETRS consultancy services support companies in the following areas:

Ø Access to the BRGCS ETRS standard; ensuring that the standard is understood quickly, accurately and easily

Ø Giving training to employees about the standard and certification program

Ø Preparing the facility for BRGCS ETRS audits; Elimination of deficiencies in compliance with the requirements of the standard according to me

Ø Preparation of preparations for certification

Ø Regarding the curing of BRGCS for performing ETRS audits and completing curing

Ø Completion of the necessary studies and review audits for the review of the BRG ETRS document after the certification process is completed

Why is BRGCS ETRS Important?

nowadays more and more people have started to get used to their consciousness. These purchases can be purchased to complete. BRGCS can make it much easier to provide this compliance with the request to respond needed from the ongoing legislation regulation and content. We can summarize the benefits of the BRGCS ETRS standard and the certification obtained without reading the standard as follows:

Ø To be able to demonstrate that it can meet the increasing ethics of customers and buyers

Ø Modernity, availability from the supply chain, and reviewability can meet reviewability and tellability

Ø Build an effective production facility to deliver results they can trust to become a brand

Ø Working for the supervision of staff of recognized accreditation studies (ISO/IEC 17021-1)

Ø It is aimed at research related to the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI).