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 BSCI Certificate

What is BSCI?

Established in 1977 in Brussels / Belgium as the Foreign Trade Association (FTA), BSCI can be defined as a private association or . In fact, it is stated that this , known as the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) until 2003, was established by FTA in 2003 and took the name BSCI. In other words, it is a special emerging from the Foreign Trade Union established in 1977. BSCI stands for; It can be translated into our language as the Business Social Compliance Initiative, ie the Business Social Compliance Initiative. Today, this association is called amfori BSCI.
The purpose of BSCI is; to continuously increase the social performance of suppliers and to improve working conditions in factories around the world. The success of BSCI, which set out for this purpose, has led them to adopt a new management structure in 2011 and to integrate sustainability into their core business. In 2007, the first office of this initiative outside of Europe was opened in Hong Kong. In 2014, the Environmental Business Performance Initiative (BEPI), now called amfori BEPI, was developed to support companies devoted to improving environmental performance in their supply chain, and work began within this framework.
The standards based on Amfori BSCI´s work are also called BSCI Standards. BSCI is based on the work and worker safety standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and promotes the continuous improvement of the social performance of the supply chain. The ultimate goal here is; To be certified by standards such as the SA 8000 Standard or the Social Responsibility Standard and thus to support sustainable working conditions worldwide.
Basic items of Amfori BSCI criteria;
• Compliance Act (OSH Act No. 6331 currently in force in Turkey. This should be followed.)
• Working hours are in accordance with the current labor law,
• Compensation, that is, the notice pay of the worker to be removed, the severance pay calculations are as specified in the law,
• Prevention of child labor (workers under the age of 16 have the status of child labor. Child labor is prohibited by law.),
• Prevention of forced labor and penal measures,
• Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining (Workers have the right to join and participate in -related activities.),
• Prevention of all kinds of discrimination,
• Workplace health and safety can be explained as making the workplace a safe environment.

What is BSCI Certificate?

The BSCI Certificate is a document that shows that it complies with the standards set by amfori BSCI and that the necessary audits have been successfully passed. Necessary tests or audits are carried out by authorized institutions or companies, and the BSCI certificate is given to the companies that want to obtain BSCI certificate. In addition, before entering the certification tests, if the companies want to be informed about the subject and want to get help, they can get consultancy service from the relevant consultancy or certification companies.
In our country, there are private companies that provide consultancy services regarding BSCI certification. Thanks to this consultancy service; Companies wishing to obtain BSCI Certificate can ensure that preparations are made before the necessary audits and controls and that the managers and employees are informed. With this consultancy service;
• Creating the necessary documentation,
• Evaluation of practices related to working hours,
• Creating a payment method in accordance with legal requirements,
• Evaluation of practices related to child labor and young workers,
• Evaluation of working conditions such as appropriate temperature, ventilation, noise, lighting, hygiene conditions, sufficient range of motion,
• Evaluation of standards related to health and social areas,
• Establishing health and social requirements,
• Identifying the deficiencies in occupational health and safety and evaluating the risks,
• Evaluation of compliance with environmental laws,
• Raising awareness about discrimination, harassment and abuse,
Studies such as can be done.
As a result of the audits regarding the BSCI Certificate, if there is no nonconformity that prevents the certification in the audited company, the relevant company or company is included in the BSCI database. As long as this company wishes to remain in the BSCI database, it is subject to annual surveillance and control.
The basis of the BSCI audit is generally; labor law, occupational health and safety law, and International Labor Organization (ILO) laws. When the BSCI audit criteria are examined, the articles of these laws can be seen. The business to be audited must operate in accordance with these laws, regardless of the sector.
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