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Capasity Report

Capasity Report
Chambers of Industry to which they are affiliated arrange the capacity reports of the private or legal persons registered in the chamber of industry, which include contact information, production subjects and annual production capacities, technologies, raw materials used in the machine park, capital and employment information and many similar issues. The importance of capacity reports is increasing day by day. It is especially preferred for obtaining capacity reports of information about industrial establishments in bureaucratic procedures in many areas such as industry, export, import, customs, incentive legislation and so on.
The expert committee assigned by the chamber and the evaluations and the capacity reports that arise as a result of the examination in the workplace of the company are prepared by the chamber in accordance with the procedure and are obliged to obtain the approval of TOBB. In order to prevent unfair competition and misleading results, the criteria and calculations determined by TOBB are taken as basis.
Where the Capacity Report is Used
Capacity reports,
• Investment Incentive Certificate,
• Inward Processing Permit,
• Application for Temporary Admission Permit,
• Industrial Registration Certificate application required for purchasing electricity and natural gas at reduced tariff,
• Various Import and Export transactions,
• Official and Private tenders,
• Domestic and International Credit Procurement,
• Procurement of Raw Materials with Allocated or Imported Tariff Quotas,
• Purchase of Manufacturer Certificate,
• In Tax Inspections,
• Public Investigations for Miscellaneous Purposes
Is used. In addition, it sheds light on the mobilization plans and programs implemented in the work of taking the saanyi inventory.
Sectors for which Capacity Reports Issued
• Yarn Industry
• Weaving Industry
• Knitting Industry
• Garment Industry
Paint, Finishing and Printing Industry
• Jute and Mineral Wool Industry
• Carpet and Straw Industry
• Casting Industry
• Metal Goods Industry
• Various Cold and Hot Wires Industry
• Various Metal Industry
• Assembly and Repair, Copper Workshops
Electrical Equipment Production, Electrical Equipment Installation, Repair Workshops
• Coating Industry
• Sanitary and Scientific Plumbers
• Woodworking Industry
• Soil Goods Industry
• Quarries and Mineral Extraction Industry
Glass and Porcelain Industry
Paper and Cardboard Goods Industry
• Printing and Binding Industry
• Chemical Industry
• Soap and Cleaning Materials Industry
• Plastic Goods Industry
• Rubber Goods Industry
• Leather Goods Industry
Film and Photography Industry
• Prosthetics and Orthopedics Industry
• Various Construction Contracting Works
• Leather Salting and Assortment Works
Capacity Report Validity and Renewal Period
As of the date of issue, the reports have a validity of three years, if the company does not request any changes and no changes are detected by the chambers. It must be renewed two months before the validity period, taking into account the warnings made by the chambers. In case the information in the capacity report changes, the renewal of the report is of vital importance in terms of preventing problems during bureaucratic procedures.
If the rental or lease contracts of the machines in the report are less than 3 years, the expiry date of the contract determines the validity period of the report. If the machine rental contract period is less than 1 year from the application date for the capacity report, a capacity report is not issued for these machines.
Capacity Report Application
For the Capacity Report application process, it is obligatory that at least one of the company´s production place or head office is located within the boundaries of the chamber to which it is affiliated and to be a member of the relevant chamber. Capacity Report Request Form is provided free of charge by the rooms. The report provided should be filled in and applied to the relevant chamber with a petition.
Documents Required for Capacity Report Application
• Petition,
• Capacity Report Application Form (provided from the Chamber)
Leasing Agreement Photocopies (for existing machines purchased through Financial Leasing)
• Lease Agreement photocopy and lessor ownership certificate (Notarized)
• Photocopies of SSK Premium Declaration and Accrual Receipts belonging to the last month
• Manufacturing address registered by the Trade Registry Office
After collecting the above required documents, an application must be made to the Industry Service Directorate.
Capacity Report Application Fee
The Capacity Report application fee is adjusted every year according to the fee schedule determined by the chambers. This amount is collected by the chamber and deposited to TOBB accounts in the form of an approval fee determined by the .
If a company with a capacity industry report moves its workplace, it is required to issue a capacity report again. Moving the workplace causes the capacity report to be canceled. However, if the company notifies the new address to the room it is affiliated to and registers it and makes a change application for the new address, no cancellation is required and only the address change is made.
For adding machinery, product or raw material to the capacity report, it is necessary to apply with a petition and the original capacity report.