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CE Certificate for Machines

CE Certificate for Machines

The Machinery CE Certificate is issued for certain machinery and equipment within the framework of the Machinery Regulation No. 2006/42/EC. This regulation describes the basic health and safety requirements that machines must meet. Machinery CE Certificate, which should be obtained by companies that want to export products to European Union countries, has become a necessity for different sectors and applications in our country. The legal basis of this issue in our country is the Machinery Safety Regulation (2006/42/AT) prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in parallel with the regulation numbered 2006/42/EC. This regulation covers the works that companies and notified bodies that will receive Machine CE Certificate should do in this process; It explains CE marking procedures, products subject to certification, CE technical file content, etc.

What is Machine CE Certificate?

Machinery CE Certificate, like other CE documents, is the EU entry passport of certain product groups in the machinery sector. It is not a quality standard or guarantee document, but it shows that the machines meet the minimum requirements in terms of health and safety. Machine CE Certificate is prepared directly by the manufacturer or based on the approval given by a notified body. This document aims to protect human health and safety in places where machines work; it also aims to prevent damage to pets and property when necessary.
Machinery CE Certificate has a very critical importance for the machinery industry where occupational accidents are experienced intensely. These accidents can directly endanger human life and cause direct or indirect economic and social costs. Therefore, by obtaining the Machinery CE Certificate, manufacturers can supply safer products to the market and fulfill a very important corporate social responsibility. Companies that want to get Machine CE Certificate can carry out this process together with Aşan Danışmanlık and can complete the certification phase quickly.

Which Products Can Get Machine CE Certificate?

Machine CE Certificate can be issued for a wide range of products. Various machines, interchangeable equipment, safety components; Machine CE Certificate can be given for chain, belt and rope components, lifting parts, mechanical transmission components, partially completed machines.
The certification covers 23 different product groups. We can summarize the product categories that need to be evaluated for conformity as follows:
-Saw machines
- Planers
-Hand-fed tenoning machines
-Plastic mold machines
-Rubber molding machines
- Garbage trucks with compression mechanism
-Vehicle maintenance lifts
- Impact machines
-Some protective devices
-Lockable movable guards
- Protective structures against overturning and falling objects
The detailed features of these products are explained in the 2006/42/EC regulation and / or the Machinery Safety Regulation.

How to Get Machine CE Certificate?

We can summarize the documentation steps and the important points to be considered in this process as follows:
-The health and safety requirements specified in the regulations for the machines must be verified. The requirements of harmonized standards for the machinery and machinery equipment in question must be met.
- It should be determined whether there is a need for a notified body. If the manufacturer is going to obtain a CE Certificate for one of the products listed in the regulation and this product does not comply with any harmonized standard, a notified body is needed. These organizations are authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in our country.
-Conformity assessment and subsequent approval of product conformity are carried out by the notified body when necessary. Then the manufacturer prepares the legally binding declaration of conformity. The Declaration of Conformity has to be prepared even if it is not a notified body.
- One of the most important stages of the machine CE Certificate is the preparation of the technical file. The technical file contains information about the product and the manufacturer / authorized representative company, the standards that the product must meet, the tests and analyzes and their results, the risk assessment study, if any, the user manual of the product, the protective measures related to the product, the EC declaration of conformity, etc. This file must be kept for 10 years.
- Inspections made by the notified body at the operating facilities and the results of these inspections should also be attached to the technical file.
-After the successful completion of all steps and the preparation of the necessary documents, the manufacturer can affix the CE mark on the product, the format and shape of which are specified in the regulations.

Machine CE Certificate Benefits

Machinery CE Certificate is one of the top priorities for companies that want to enter the European market. With this document, products can be sold to EU countries. The Machinery Regulation forms the basis of certification for many machines and equipment, not only on a regional but also on a global scale. Since CE regulations are recognized by many countries, companies that receive CE Certificate can also export products to many countries outside the EU. Thanks to the certificate, companies can gain an advantage against their competitors and increase their prestige before their stakeholders. In addition, it can obtain privileges in many public and private sector tenders. Since consumers and end users prefer to use CE certified products, companies can increase their sales volume by completing the certification process.

Machinery CE Certificate Consultancy Service

Aşan Danışmanlık supports companies that want to obtain Machinery CE Certificate at every step of the certification process. You can get help from Aşan Danışmanlık in meeting and verifying the requirements of the regulation, preparing technical files, applying for documents, product testing and analysis, documentation and many more. Aşan Consulting will guide you in all matters related to Machine CE Certificate and CE certification and will advise you on all issues.