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CE Certificate in Personal Protective Equipment

CE Certificate in Personal Protective Equipment
What is CE Certificate?
CE Mark; It is a sign used to show that the product on which it is placed meets certain conditions or standards for human health and safety and the protection of the environment. This mark is a regulation for the inspection of products circulating within the European Economic Area (EEA) or requested to enter as a result of exports to this area.
If a product meets the requirements for CE Marking, the certificate issued by the authorized institution for this product and for this mark is the CE Certificate. CE marking; There are those who define it with the initials of the words "Conformité Européenne" in French, which means "European Conformity", but there are also those who state that they are not defined as such in the relevant legislation. This mark can be indicated as the manufacturer´s warranty statement or, in a sense, a passport or passport for this product to be able to move around the EEA easily. This mark is not a quality certificate and should not be confused with quality certificates. If a product is not in the risky product group; the manufacturer can place the CE Mark on its product itself, that is, the mark in question for this product is not given by an authorized institution. However, if this product is in the risky product group, approval must be obtained from the relevant place in order to place the CE mark, more clearly; Necessary tests or inspections must be carried out by the authorized certification and testing institution.
What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE, PPE or PPE)?
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); It is the equipment or equipment that will protect employees against health and safety risks in the workplace and during work. The employer must provide these equipment to employees in work environments and ensure that it is used properly. In many regulations in our country, KKE (Personal Protective Equipment - PPE) is referred to as "Personal Protective Equipment - PPE". Major PPE´s; helmets, gloves, eye protection, high visibility clothing, safety shoes and safety belts. It would not be fair to say that there is no risk or danger even in places where engineering controls are carried out and where there are safe devices. Danger can be found everywhere at any time. For this reason, it is important to use protective equipment.
The main risks / dangers that employees may encounter in their workplaces are as follows;
• Breathing dirty air,
• Being injured by materials falling from height,
• Injury from flying particles or corrosive liquids,
• Exposure to extremely hot or cold weather,
• Being injured by a heavy material fall.
It is important to use personal protective equipment to avoid the above situations and similar situations. In fact, the first thing to do is to take all kinds of precautions, to ensure safety and then to use protective equipment. Employers should provide employees with this equipment free of charge and encourage or even mandate them to use it. Protective equipment should be chosen correctly and its correct use should be shown to employees. In the EU, there is the Personal Protective Equipment Directive numbered 2016/425 / EU published on this subject. In our country, on this subject; The Personal Protective Equipment Regulation and the Regulation on the Use of Personal Protective Equipment at Workplaces have been prepared. The purpose of this directive and regulation can be explained as reducing the effect of work accidents and protecting the health of employees.
CE Certificate in Personal Protective Equipment
When the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation is examined; Regarding CE Mark in PPE in the ninth article of this regulation;
• "The manufacturer prepares the technical file specified in Annex-3; Performs or has the appropriate one or ones of conformity assessment procedures specified in Article 20. In the event that PPE conforms to applicable basic health and safety requirements with appropriate methods, the manufacturer prepares the EU Declaration of Conformity specified in Article 16 and attaches the "CE" mark specified in Article 17 to the PPE "
The statement will be seen.
In the seventeenth article of the same regulation, "General Principles Regarding CE Marking" are stated. In addition, PPE has been classified according to the risk categories included in Annex-1 of this regulation. The conformity assessment methods to be followed for each of these risk categories are specified in the twentieth article of the regulation.
Manufacturer companies can get support and consultancy services from authorized companies regarding attaching CE mark to PPE and obtaining CE Certificate. There are private companies in our country that provide certification services with CE certificate.
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