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Cekal Certificate

Thanks to this document, which you can obtain for Laminated, Thermal, Tempered, Toughened and Flat Glasses, you can ensure that your products have a good quality standard in sales and marketing and make them easier to sell. Thanks to Cekal Certification, you show that the quality standards are at a certain level in your products.

Get support from us immediately to ensure that the glass products you produce are subjected to performance tests and that their tests and evaluations are carried out during the application period. One of the common sectors in Turkey is the glass sector. With Aşan Consultancy, corporate services are offered to you for the CEKAL CERTIFICATE needed by the Glass Industry.

Within the Scope of CEKAL Certification

- Laminated Glass
- Double Glass
- Toughened Glass
- Tempered Glass
- Flat Glasses

It takes place. Contact Aşan Danışmanlık immediately for details. You are at the right place for this document, which declares that glass products comply with the French Cekal standard. Aşan Consultancy is at your service to ensure that you get successful results from the audits in a short time. In order to obtain the Cekal certificate, argon gas values, glued outer surface values, information about the production period, certificate mandatory marking code and laminate value are examined on the products.

Cecal Performance Tests

For the Cekal Certificate you want to obtain, your products are expected to be subjected to some tests and to receive good results from the evaluations as a result of these tests. To tell you about some of the performance tests conducted on Cekal;

* Conducting pendulum experiments
* Conducting impact experiments
* Determination of safety performance classes related to use
* Calculation of strength in relation to Eşme
* Evaluations regarding product disintegration
* Carrying out mechanical strength tests within the scope of product evaluation
* Calculation of Area/Mass equivalent
* Conducting other experiments related to disintegration
* Making dimensional measurements related to specifications and products
CEKAL Certification

We are at your service for the CEKAL Certificate, which makes a significant contribution to the glass manufacturers in Turkey to be able to offer their products to the export or domestic market. Aşan Danışmanlık´s expert customer representatives will be with you from the beginning to the end of your processes.

How to Get Cekal Certificate?

Aşan Consultancy will offer you the most affordable prices regarding Cekal Certification within the scope of its expertise and experience. You can reach our customer-oriented company from the websites you have viewed and get instant information. As we mentioned above, we are at the service of those who need the CEKAL certificate for processed glass, laminated glass, double glass system double glass. We evaluate the performance of glass products and present the most appropriate documents upon completion of successful tests.

As Aşan Consultancy, you can be sure that we will offer you the most affordable prices for this document that you have researched to obtain. We know the standards and processes required for your business and we proceed by following the right policies. To obtain the Cekal Certificate, you can contact us via our phone number on the website you are reviewing or through our corporate INSTAGRAM account. We submit your application and after the tests are completed, we take the necessary steps to ensure that you get good results from the audits. As Aşan Consultancy, we are at your service.

Finally, you can write to us for any questions you may have regarding this document.