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Chain of Life Labels

It professionally assists companies and businesses that want to obtain a Life Chain Labels Certificate; We masterfully apply our professionalism, which we demonstrate in different certification procedures, in this field as well.

We provide solutions to the needs of companies with our quality, which has reached its peak and which we have not compromised since the day we started operating; By meticulously coordinating the document application and approval processes, we become the solution point for the needs in this field.

Your first stop in this field should always be Aşan Danışmanlık, the leading company in the certification industry.

What is the Life Chain Tag?

To give a brief definition; The special symbols and signs needed to ensure safe and healthy consumption are called ´Life Chain Label´.
What we do as a company is; By reflecting both the value we attach to human health and our high sensitivity to environmental awareness to our activities, we successfully carry out the certification services that companies need in this field.

Our company has a wide range of information about the International Natural Standards Organization (NSO) and how life chain labeling is done, and knows the specific schemes and criteria used for each product.

Our company, which responds to the Life Chain Labels Certificate needs for many sectors such as chemistry, cosmetics and food, is ready to respond to your demands perfectly.

What are Life Chain Tags?

As an authorized consultancy firm by international organizations, we mainly offer certification services for the following labels:

1. Gluten Free,
2. Natural,
3. Cruelty Free
4. Halal,
5. Vegan,
6. Fresh
7. Environmentally Friendly,
8. Halal Natural (Halal Natural),
9. Does not contain GMO (GMO Free),
10. Vegetarian,
11. Does not contain nitrates (Nitrates Free),
12. Does Not Contain Sweetener (Sweetener Free),
13. Low Carb
14. Halal Vegan,
15. Does not contain colorant (Colorant Free),
16. Meat Free
17. Does not contain Chinese Salt (MSG Free),
18. Dairy Free
19. Does Not Contain Trans Fats (Trans Fats Free),
20. Egg Free
21. Does not contain added sugar (Sugar Free),
22. Soy Free
23. Does not contain caffeine (Caffeine Free),
24. Fish Free
25. Does not contain SBS (SBS Free),
26. Vegetable (Veggie),
27. Does Not Contain Nuts.

Life Chain Tags

As a company with comprehensive knowledge and experience regarding all these certifications; We are the right address for those who want to register the safety of their products and gain consumer loyalty and satisfaction.

If you want to purchase a Life Chain Labels Certificate for your products, you can contact us; In this way, you can appeal to your potential customers with products that are environmentally and health-friendly, reliable and verified to be of high quality.

How to Apply for Life Chain Tags Certificate?

If you want to add trust and quality to your services and products, you can apply to our company to obtain the Life Chain Labels Certificate. Because we; We operate as the right address in this field and integrate the sensitivities of producers and consumers into our services by melting them in the same pot.

We integrate our modern and contemporary service approach with all our activities, and aim for ´perfection´, not ´good´, by combining our innovative approaches with current requirements.

In this regard, we can detail the steps we follow in the Life Chain Label Certificate application process as follows:

1. For which product do you want to get the certificate we mentioned? What are the characteristics, needs and expectations of the consumer profile you are addressing? We determine the answers to these questions.
2. We help you meet the requirements for certification and prepare the required documents completely.
3. We ensure that the necessary tests and inspections for your product are carried out successfully.
4. Knows the labeling legislation (legal legislation such as Codex) of both our country and other countries well; We reference NSO Schemes, criteria and standards.
5. In this way, we make it possible to successfully obtain the Life Chain Labels Certificate and put you at an advantage in both the local and global markets. We increase your trust among consumers, strengthen your corporate prestige and reputation, and enable you to find an indispensable place in your industry.

Would you like to register the qualified content, sustainable and environmentally friendly structure, and health suitability of your products with the Life Chain Labels Certificate? Then call us now!

For much more, write to us via Aşan Consultancy WhatsApp line or live support line.