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Chemical Product Consulting

As Aşan Danışmanlık, we follow all the chemical regulations both in our country and around the world in an up-to-date manner and we always provide our customers with the most comprehensive service in these areas. We complete all the procedures that must be followed before or after the products in the chemical product group are placed on the market, and we provide you with professional service.

As Aşan Danışmanlık, we always strive to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to you. We work in accordance with the necessary legislation and laws, especially in the fields of water, energy, resource management, infrastructure and engineering, and we always offer you quality services.

You may not have heard of the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. But the abbreviation KKDIK is very important for this service. So what is KKDIK?


The relevant regulation in KKDIK, which consists of the initials of the terms Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, was published in the middle of 2017 and entered into force in our country. The first purpose of this regulation is to ensure that the environment can be protected in a better way, to protect human health, to evaluate the harms in the materials used in production and to determine the alternative methods that can be applied in this field, to ensure that the competition and innovation in the sector are permanent. In this way, it is also known that the technical procedure and administrative principles related to registrations, evaluation procedures, permits and restrictions in chemicals are regulated. We provide "Chemical Product Consultancy" service all over Turkey with our experts who have a detailed knowledge of this regulation. The relevant regulation ensures that the processes are managed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in our country.

Companies that need to implement the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals should be applied by companies that manufacture or import products and substances of 1 ton or more annually. In this context, we prepare all the substances you import or all the chemicals you produce in accordance with the necessary processes and follow the process.

KKDIK Regulation Consultancy Services
Asan Consulting

We follow this whole process with the leading consultants of the sector. You can get service from us during the determination of the substances that need to be registered and the substances that will be exempt from registration. In addition, our expert consultants are at your service to determine what are the substances that are accepted as registered and the substances that are suitable for limited use, and to determine the prohibited substances. As Aşan Danışmanlık, we ensure that the necessary registration strategies are determined for all these substances.

Some of the services offered to you with the training and consultancy services you will receive from our experts will be as follows;

* We provide representation services for third parties.

* We provide consultancy services in the determination of manufactured and imported materials.

* We ensure that the items that are out of the scope of KKDIK are determined.

* We support the determination of the substances in KKDIK that are exempt according to this legislation.

* KGR, that is, chemical safety report preparation services are offered.

* It is ensured that all substances within the scope of KKDIK are determined.

* Safety data sheets are prepared with our experts.

* Extended safety data sheets are prepared with our experts.

* Only representative service is provided.

* In consortium management services, Aşan Danışmanlık provides services with a professional staff.

* There are many other service titles such as determining the substances subject to permission in Annex 14 of KKDIK.

For more information and details, you can get the most suitable offers for "Chemical Product Consultancy" by calling our numbers on our website.