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(China Compulsory Certification) CCC certificate

Do you want to export your products to China without any problems by obtaining CCC Certificate? Then; You can apply to our company, which will be your biggest supporter in this process, and you can successfully complete all the steps you need to take, thanks to our professional guidance.

Like many other documents you need for export, this document is presented to you by our expert consultants Aşan Certification. If you wish, you can get information from our expert consultants on the subject.

What is CCC Certificate?

CCC Certificate (China Compulsory Certification), defined as ´China Compulsory Certification´, is one of the documents that finds its place in the wide service content of our company. It is possible to easily obtain this document, which has an important place in product quality standardization, by getting help from our company´s expert and experienced staff.

If you want your products to enter the People´s Republic of China market, you can easily do this with our company´s CCC Certificate consultancy and application services. Thanks to the mentioned document; It shows that your company´s goods and services meet China´s local quality and safety criteria, and you can handle your export transactions without any problems at customs.

Why is CCC Certificate Important?

In order to market, import or use your products subject to the CCC Certification System for different commercial purposes, you must apply to us and obtain a CCC Certificate.
Thus, with our company´s professional and successful process management, you can obtain the CCC Certificate you need and prove that your products comply with the laws of the People´s Republic of China and the Compulsory Product Certification Regulation.

Aşan Consultancy is just a phone call away. For the best offers, just contact us at the number on our website. Like the lucky customers who set out with Aşan Consultancy, you can get information and support from our consultants. For this document, also known as the Chinese Compulsory Certification, Asan Consulting can be your first stop. Thanks to the CCC certification mark on many imported products, the product´s conformity, tests and certifications are in the same structure as CE certification in the EU. Thanks to this certificate, which became mandatory for all products imported to China for the first time in 2002, products going to the country are allowed to have free circulation. In cases where the requirements of the CCC in the products are not complied with, it will cause the imported goods to be detained at the customs or steps will be taken to return the product to the sending company.

Aşan Danışmanlık will be at your service in obtaining CCC certificate for products to be imported from Turkey to China.

CCC (China Compulsory Certification) is a mandatory certification system that has emerged in order to meet the safety of products and the requirements for the products. It is a type of certificate that is very common and indispensable in the country of China. For many product groups, it is not possible for products that do not have this certificate, which checks the suitability of the product sold to enter the country, to enter the CHINA market.

CCC Document Consultancy

When you want to get CCC Certificate consultancy in Turkey, your first stop should be Aşan Danışmanlık. You can contact us for free circulation of your products in the Chinese market. The CCC Certificate is in the indispensable document group, which is on the radar of manufacturers and importers, mainly in electronic goods, auto and engine parts, toys, electrical goods, household appliances, telecommunication-related equipment and many other product groups. You can contact us for this document, which can be given with the certification institutions and testing companies authorized by China. We are at your service with our consultants who know the general conditions and quality standards of the country. Aşan Consulting offers you the best offers with its experts in this field. Our company, which is among the well-known companies throughout the country, serves you with its experienced and expert staff.

CCC Document Consultancy
How to Get CCC Certificate?

The best address to get the CCC Certificate is Aşan Danışmanlık. When you want to get a document for this job, you can choose authorized test and certification institutions. You can call our number on our website whenever you want to prefer companies designated and authorized by the Chinese Government. You can contact us for the testing of your products, our customer representatives will meet with you, who have mastered the technical standards related to your products, and will convey the requirements for compatibility to you. We bring you together with the laboratories that we have chosen for the tests and that we are working with, and we prepare your application file, which is the next step, as Aşan Consulting.

For CCC Certification, our experts will prepare your file and provide you with documents containing technical information, reports obtained from your tests, extensive information of the manufacturer and other necessary documents. Aşan Danışmanlık customer representatives will apply on your behalf. With the correct, complete and complete applications, your company will be ready for audits, quality control systems for your products, production processes and all areas related to other issues will be audited and you will receive the CCC document you need in a short time. We are with you so that your products can be sold comfortably in the CHINA market.
China Export Certificate

By contacting Aşan Danışmanlık, you can obtain the relevant document at the most affordable prices. The preparation of your application files for the CCC certificate, the costs of the inspection and testing processes, and the fees required for the testing processes will be presented to you in a single item and you will be able to receive service at the most affordable prices. In addition to all these, the benefits of the CCC certificate;

Your company´s products will easily enter the CHINA market. It is the most important document you need to be in China. Just like any international document you will obtain for ensuring reliability and gaining brand reputation, the CCC certificate will enable you to gain reputation against your business partners and customers. In addition, you demonstrate that you are legally compliant with the CCC. You enable you to come to an advantageous position in terms of competition and show your compliance with international standards and norms.

In order to benefit from detailed information and reasonable prices, you can reach our Aşan Danışmanlık company via the phone number on our contact page, live support line or our corporate INSTAGRAM account.