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CoC Certıfıcate


Within the scope of the regulations and directives created by the New Approach, there are EN (European Union) norms designed to be valid in the European Union member countries. It determines the technical instructions contained in the published directives. This document has validity and terms of use in many countries. The working and production methods of producers and producer companies, which are also among economic operators, are determined within the framework of these norms. These norms, EN norms, are not mandatory conditions. There are conditions that must be complied with, which are available on request. However, even if the compliance with these norms is optional, it should be a counterpart to the fact that it is made in accordance with the basic safety requirements included in the directives related to production. Certificate of conformity is a type of document required by the importing country for imported products. A certificate of conformity is included as one of the documents required to ensure safety in imported products. In order to protect the safety and welfare of citizens and users of the product, this document must meet the security measures and requirements set by some countries before the products are imported in accordance with international standards. To understand that these requirements and security measures are met, the certificate of conformity has an important function at this point. Inspections are checked by directives and certificate of conformity to understand that the requirements and standards are met. The products that meet the standards and security measures are also given a security certificate to be submitted by the customs authorities in the countries of import. Managers have traditionally inspected the quality of imported products at customs and port entries. Some of the products could be rejected by inspectors at the port of entry after economic operators paid money to import and transport the products. For this reason, some products and commodities had import risks. In order to prevent the delays and financial losses of the importing institutions in these entry regions, certification bodies in the exporting countries were taking measures to prevent these problems, thanks to various directives. A certain certificate of conformity is required before the export and import of products and services. Many countries, including the United States, require a certificate of conformity prior to the export of certain goods.
About the Institutions Issuing the Certificate of Conformity
It cooperates with international organizations that regulate and inspect governments´ compliance documents. Various conditions are required within the cooperating organization. The recognition of this organization by the authorities in that country is an important factor for the target country before agreeing with this organization.

How to Get Conformity Certificates?

Certificate of conformity is not required for most local producers. On the other hand, exporters and importers are generally required to obtain various conformity certificates in addition to business licenses and permits. Conformity documents vary depending on the industry and the state and location of the business. Depending on the situation required by the business, information can be obtained from a local chamber of commerce or a business lawyer in the region, and a certificate of conformity can be obtained by applying the procedures in this direction.
Some Countries Requiring Certificate of Conformity
Many countries provide some requirements by stipulating the conformity certificate as an obligation to economic operators for imported products. In this way, the quality and safety of imported products are certified. The health and safety of users and citizens who use the products is thus protected with this document. Here are some countries that require certification of conformity for most products:
. Belarus,
. Mongolia,
. Algeria,
. Kuwait,
. Kenya,
. Uganda,
. Syria,
. Yemen,
. Russia,
. It is listed as Saudi Arabia.

Certificate of Conformity in the United States of America

Some certificates of conformity for motorcycle production are used in the USA. A certificate of conformity is required for every motorcycle produced for domestic sale or export, specified in the relevant terms of the EPA Regulation. As an exception to this requirement, certain motorcycles built for personal use or for display are excluded from the scope of this document. For vehicles, all vehicles in the USA must have a certificate of conformity before they are allowed to be used on US roads. The certificate of conformity for this field is given by the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency). This organization issues a certificate of conformity to the vehicle owner to confirm whether a vehicle, motorcycle or vehicle complies with EPA requirements.