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Conditions de travail WCA

Working Conditions WCA
In today´s business world, companies are in a tight competition with each other in order to provide services at a universal level. Although increasing the number of suppliers at the point of growth seems to be a very important point, it is imperative that companies cope with the problems that this will bring at the same time. Many large companies have to turn their eyes abroad for supply sources. This imposes a new responsibility, such as controlling business partners. Procurements from outside the main center should be evaluated in different categories. In this process, the work atmosphere and conditions of the suppliers and the basic social gains of the employees should be examined in detail. Due to the large number of suppliers, it is not possible for companies to efficiently control this alone. For this reason, brands or businesses are in search of more effective solutions. WCA – Working Conditions Assesment can be considered as an important program in this sense. In a way, the program gives factory production companies the chance to compare themselves with their competitors and to prove that they work in harmony with international standards.

Working Conditions Assesment was recently created by INTEREK. When we translate this concept into Turkish, we come across an expression like “Evaluation of Workplace Working Conditions”. WCA – Working Conditions Assesment basically aims to create transparent improvements for businesses. This advanced program´s resonance and recognition by companies all over the world reflects its success. According to the program, the production conditions of enterprises, organizations and factories are evaluated efficiently thanks to the determined techniques. Widely accepted industry standards are used at this stage. WCA brings cost-effective solutions to businesses aiming to improve their enterprise applications. Businesses also do not have to deal with an extra effort. They achieve significant savings in energy and cost. WCA – Working Conditions Assesment is a web-based organization organized entirely in electronic environment. Any platform that supports WCA manages to automate audit processes. You can benefit from the experience of Aşan Danışmanlık in WCA, which is always with you with its expert and reliable staff in both consultancy and certification processes.

Scope of Working Conditions Assesment

The WCA program covers many issues related to businesses. One of the most important topics of WCA is labor. Evaluation takes place primarily in the labor dimension. If there is a possible discrimination in the workplace, it is determined, if there is any disciplinary problem, if there is harassment and abuse, or if there are serious problems such as child labor, an action is taken in favor of the workers. Workers´ contracts and workers´ right to organize are protected. On the other hand, it is also sensitive about working wages and hours. The basic social rights of the workers are evaluated within this title.

Contingency plans for health and safety issues are created specifically for WCA – Working Conditions Assesment. With regard to security, the regulation regarding the measures to be taken in the face of various negativities is meticulously implemented. Under the management system title, business records, worker feedback, and audit activities are evaluated. Finally, in the context of the environment, issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, waste management or environmental management systems are discussed. As you can see, WCA – Working Conditions Assesment is a remedial program that takes care of the environment and fundamental human rights in general. Businesses participating in this program also fulfill an important responsibility towards their environment and business partners.

WCA – Privileges of Working Conditions Assesment

With the advantages it provides, the WCA program provides businesses with very important advantages in the world of international competition. We can express these advantages in general as follows:

• Working standards of enterprises increase, especially in production areas. A much healthier and more comfortable working environment is provided. Improvements are arranged in favor of the employees. These improvements are also reflected in production and efficiency.
• It is ensured that you become a desired supplier in the market. WCA – Working Conditions Assesment creates a reference for you because you have full compliance.
• Normally, there was an unnecessary waste of time due to frequent inspections. WCA avoids this waste of time.
• Suppliers that are successful as a result of the audits are encouraged with an award. This greatly increases motivation.
• The ethically problematic management approach is destroyed to some extent by these audits.
• Thanks to these improvements, businesses have the chance to gain prestige in the increasingly competitive market.
Businesses wishing to participate in the WCA program should be subject to issues immediately prior to these audits. provides them with training on Aşan Danışmanlık offers exactly this support.

In Which Areas Are Social Compliance Audits Performed?

WCA – Working Conditions Evaluation focuses its social compliance audits on certain issues. These can be listed as:

• Annual leave records
• Salary payments
• Personnel employment contracts
• Employee entry and exit times
• Business physician study
• full employee list
• Personnel
• Monthly SSI statements
• Discrimination
• Pressure, mobbing, harassment
• Risk analysis
• Drinking water analysis
• Fire training records