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Corporate Management Consultancy for Companies

Effective use of your Management and Organization Chart

Duty and Authority Definitions-Right man for the right job

Taking into consideration the traditional and strategic methods; With internationally accepted Management Models application experiences

3rd Generation Preparation in Company Management

One-to-one applied and concrete solutions-result oriented work with 3rd generation

Preparing Your Budget in Line with Your Goals and Company Strategies

Your budget Follow-up towards realization

Employee Satisfaction and Increasing Company Membership in Your Employees

With internationally accepted methods

Productivity and time management with improving your Business Processes

Establishing and placing Company Code of Ethics and Company Values

By keeping under your demand and stock management / Talw control;

Creating your Purchasing Model

Secrets of your brand´s longevity

Preparation for Internal Audit System and Risk Management

Ensuring Dealer Performance

Increasing the performance of the Foreign Trade Department

Increasing Export Performance

Reducing import resource cost

As an Industrial Psychologist;

To increase the technical and personal competencies of your employees

Your Managers; Measuring Managerial Competency

Correction of Single Managership in Management; Providing experience sharing of non-alternative Managers - Your Indispensable Managers; transferring their experiences to their employees and subordinates, however, widening the back up system in Business processes in companies, creating company memory

In-Company Training for the Acquisition of Technical and Managerial Competencies

Career and Leadership - Talent Management Processes

Preparation trainings for new tasks supported by Development Programs

If your employee´s ideas are important to you, creating methods of delivering employee ideas to you