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DISNEY FAMA Consulting

What is the Disney Fama?
Before explaining the term Disney Fama, it is useful to talk a little about The Walt Disney Company, the company where this term originated. The Walt Disney Company; It is the world´s largest media company operating in the entertainment industry. The animation studio founded by Walt and Roy Disney brothers in Los Angeles/USA on October 16, 1923 has grown into Hollywood studios.

Today, The Walt Disney Company is the owner of two giant corporations such as American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and ESPN, and is a giant corporation settled in Burbank/California. Although the cartoon characters created in the first five years of its activity did not reach much, the Mickey Mouse character, which was revealed in 1928, had a great impact. As of today, the net income of The Walt Disney Company, which is a publicly traded company, is around 9 Billion Dollars.

Disney Fama, or simply Fama; It is a certification or certification activity run by Disney. Fama expression; It stands for Facility and Merchandise Authorization. The purpose of the certification activity carried out under the name of Fama is to control the suppliers and determine whether they comply with certain standards. No product is purchased from suppliers that do not comply with the required standards as a result of audits or controls. In other words, if a company wants to produce and sell products to the Disney company, it must comply with the Fama criteria and successfully complete the audits.

Disney-branded products may not be manufactured, operated or used without a signed Fama certificate from the Disney company. There are International Work Program (ILS) requirements prepared on this subject. Licensees and suppliers must comply with ILS program requirements.

What is the Disney Fama Certificate?

The Disney Fama Certificate is the name given to a document that must be obtained in order to be able to trade with a Disney company. In other words, if a company wants to produce products for a Disney company or to produce and sell Disney branded products, it must obtain a Disney Fama Certificate. Or, in other words, they must undergo Fama inspections with persons authorized by Disney, successfully complete these inspections, and receive the resulting certificate. This document may be referred to as the Fama document, the Disney Fama Document, or the Disney Document.
There are other standards and organizations that serve a similar purpose as Fama audits and standards. Examples include the BSCI Association and the SEDEX Organization. SEDEX; One of the world´s leading ethical (ethical) trade service providers or organizations working to improve working conditions in global supply chains. at BSCI; It is a Brussels-based association working for a similar purpose.

Disney Fama Consulting

Disney Fama Consulting; Disney Fama certificate is a consultancy service provided to companies that will undergo the necessary tests or audits in order to obtain the Disney Certificate or the so-called Fama Certificate. This consultancy service can be provided by private companies. The purpose of this consultancy service; It is to carry out the necessary pre-audit studies and to raise the awareness of the managers and employees in the companies that will undergo the audit related to the Disney Fama standards or in the companies that want to implement these standards in their institutions. Within the scope of consultancy service related to Fama;

• Creation of necessary documentation,
• Preparing for audits,
• Raising awareness of the relevant personnel and managers about the audits,
services such as

Inspection Process for Obtaining Disney Fama Certification

The Disney Fama Certificate is the document that suppliers or manufacturers must have in order to produce products belonging to the Disney brand and to trade with this company. Audits made on this document may be called Fama Audits. Some of the criteria required in these audits are;

• Personnel records; attendance records, payrolls, monthly bills, last month´s information and employment contracts,
• Occupational health and safety records; building layout plans, evacuation plan, business and working license, fire brigade report, building permit and building occupancy permit, number of fire extinguishers and fire cabinets, checklist of fire extinguishers and cabinets, fire extinguishing training records, emergency evacuation drill records , employee representative election minutes,
• Environmental records; environmental permit document of the workplace, EIA out of scope report, environmental protection documents (flue gas emission report, waste water analysis, solid waste contracts, etc.), waste declarations and national waste transportation forms,
• Other records; recruitment and exit procedure, past audit records, internal and external contract supplier lists, employment contract of security guard employee, production records, job entry-exit records, customer list, wish complaint records, disciplinary procedure and records, work flow chart, organization The scheme can be explained as.
The results are given to Disney Fama, where standards are met and achieved so that such treatments can be administered. How to do with the company that wants to get the Disney Fama certificate, if he benefits from a company before taking advantage of this document, he will see.