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Document & Records Management

Document & Records Management
In our increasingly digital world, document and archive management now has a great strategic importance. In an environment where digitalization is so decisive, Document and Records Management Firms using the Document & Records Management system have a significant advantage. In today´s world, such management systems should be considered as a necessity rather than a choice.

Businesses that do not use document and records management systems may encounter some problems in the long run due to their employees who have in-house information. This is considered a serious risk to a business from an organizational perspective. In order to provide very fast feedback to your target audience, it is essential to reach your business documents in a practical way.

Document & Records Management Document & Records Management systematically gathers all documents in a single center. In this area, operations such as editing, sharing and accessing are carried out easily. Most clients assume that the companies they contact adopt this type of management system. Otherwise, unfortunately, it works against you in terms of corporate image. Document & Records Management Thanks to Document & Records Management, you get rid of hundreds of thousands of paper loads. This will significantly eliminate both labor and time loss.

Highly advanced search engines in management systems allow you to access your documents whenever you want. With easy updates, you can be sure that you are working on the most accurate document tools.

Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and security are the most important issues for this type of professional records and document management systems. Many of them may be distant towards these systems due to possible security vulnerabilities. However, as you get to know the system, it becomes clear how sensitive it is in terms of security. With monitoring and security functions, you can provide a high level of protection for your content. It is impossible for companies to have a certain efficiency without adopting a centrally managed document system. Each document, which can be accessed quickly when needed, contributes to the workflow and tempo. This will also greatly reduce your chances of making wrong decisions.

Special Authorization

Document & Records Management You can make a special authorization for Document & Records Management to any extent you wish. Thus, you can manage who can enter the system and at what level. Whatever your corporate strategy is, you can adjust your access permissions accordingly. Previous work on documents, shares, etc. can be recorded. In this way, you can also perform an examination of the movements of the documents.
Your authorization policy allows you to maintain complete control over the system. Therefore, you can actually decide your security level. Archive and document management systems can now be accessed 24 hours a day from smart phones and other mobile devices. In the past, due to the widespread use of smartphones, the system in question was only examined in the office environment via desktop computers. This can be considered an extremely valuable improvement in terms of efficiency.

How Does the System Work?

Basically, these management systems transfer the original documents to electronic media. In a sense, it digitizes paper documents. Documents are scanned with different techniques and uploaded to the system. It is used for functions such as querying, reporting, sharing and viewing.

Document & Records Management Document & Records Management has been on the radar of even small and medium-heel businesses lately. Still, 25% of companies keep their documents in the wrong places, causing their staff to waste a lot of time.

History of Management Systems

Computer aided classification applications first emerged in the late 1980s. With the introduction of applications such as Word and Excel into our lives, there are radical changes in the document. Finally, when the developing browser technology is added to this, studies related to document and records management raise the bar quite high. In fact, signatures created with an electronic signature begin to provide an official document quality today.

Why is Document Management Important?

Traditional methods carried out on paper waste a lot of time in accessing information. In addition, this method is relatively more costly. If it is at the point of reaching the sought information on time, it is unsuccessful. In today´s competitive environment, speed has become a distinguishing criterion for companies.

This type of archive and document management systems should be used at a professional level in order to avoid loss of prestige as well as financial losses. You can easily catch this professional approach with Aşan Danışmanlık. As Aşan Consulting, Document & Records Management