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Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Dow Jones Sustainability Index
Dow Jones Sustainability Index (Dow Jones Sustainability Index), or DJSI for short, can be explained as a system that monitors the financial structure and performance of companies based on stability and sustainability around the world. DSJI, which deals with sustainability in different sectors and monitors these brands, publishes lists periodically and announces the most successful companies in terms of sustainability. Generally on the list; We can say that there are big brands such as Swiss, Siemens, Air France, Alcatel, KLM, Unilever, BMW and Roche. This system, which monitors the financial performances of companies or firms, also enables sectoral competition to accelerate and productivity to increase as an investment index (indicator).

These data, which is a very important initiative as it is the first global investment index, show how successful companies are in terms of economy, environmental compatibility and social criteria. However, DSJI has been preparing lists since 1999. In these lists, companies operating in the field of sustainability in different sectors are seen. The companies in these lists set an example for other companies. Indices made in certain periods each year are published on the official website of DSJI. When the evaluations are analyzed, 19 super sectors are determined among 58 sectors every year and the leading brand of each sector is explained here.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index is an index institution that was established in 1999 as the first index established as a global sustainability indicator for investors who integrated sustainability criteria into their investment portfolios. DSJI monitors the environmental, social and economic share performance of the world´s leading companies. Within the scope of the evaluation, the companies; Ethical issues are scored on criteria such as governance, financing activities and internal environmental and social performance, risk management, climate change measures, transparency, supply chain, human and employee rights.

Brands from Turkey that have made it into the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

It is also possible to see Turkish brands in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index lists (also known as Dow Jones Index). But the heart would have liked to have more Turkish brands on the lists. Not so for now, but hopefully in the future. Two Turkish brands in these lists; Garanti Bank and Anadolu Efes.

Garanti Bank; Competing with the best in the emerging markets category in 2015, it earned the honor of being the only company from Turkey to take part in DSJI. Despite the criteria and evaluation processes that are said to be getting harder every year, Garanti Bank was the only Turkish company to be included in the said index again in 2016. As a list that evaluates the sustainability performance of corporate companies worldwide, this list has a very important place in the business world. The views of international investors are taken into account while creating these lists. Garanti Bank was also entitled to be included in the Borsa İstanbul Sustainability Index and Borsa İstanbul Corporate Governance Index in 2014.

Companies that are successful in matters such as the ethical (moral) management of companies, their financing activities, their environmental and social performance, risk methods, the measures and actions taken in relation to climate change, the supply chain, the respect for employees, people and human rights can be on the lists. It is an important achievement and pride to be among the most important brands of the world in this index (indicator, list), published after a long evaluation process. These indices have been published since 1999 and each of the performances of the companies is given a score in these indices.

Top Brands in the Dow Jones Index

The company ranked first in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index; Bayerische Motoren is Werke Aktiengesellschaft, more commonly known as BMW. German automobile, motorcycle, motor and bicycle company founded in 1916. The company that is just below this company in the same list is Bank of New Zealand (also known as New Zealand Bank), a New Zealand bank. In addition to these brands, other prominent brands are; It can be expressed as Air France, Alcatel, KT Corp, Siemens, Swiss, Roche and Unilever.

From the auto company to the bank, from the chemical company to the insurance company, from the media to infrastructure and travel, the Dow Jones Index Being in real estate ownership from most company, the brand in the sector can be encountered. Selections can be made in these preferable and appropriate lists. These lists are made public of its publication and evaluability is for us to learn about happy milks.

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