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EC Declaration of Conformity (CE Declaration of Conformity)


The New Approach Directives oblige the manufacturer or his authorized representative within the Community to issue a declaration of conformity when the product is placed on the market. Depending on the procedure, the EC Declaration of Conformity indicates that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant directives or meets the essential requirements of the relevant directive as a result of the type examination.

The CE declaration of conformity must be kept for at least 10 years after the product´s last production date, unless the directive explicitly prescribes any other period. This responsibility falls on the manufacturer or his authorized representative within the Community. In some cases, the importer or the person who launches the product should bear this responsibility.

In the EC Declaration of Conformity example

* name and address of the producer or authorized representative of the declaration;
* description of the product (supplementary information such as name, type or model number and group or serial number, sources and part numbers);
* referenced standards and other normative documents (such as national technical standards and specifications), with all the provisions to be followed in a definite, complete and clearly defined way;
* if possible, all supplementary information that can be provided (eg genus, category)
* date of issue of the declaration;
* signature, title or equivalent mark of the authorized person; and
* A statement that the declaration is issued only under the responsibility of the manufacturer or, if necessary, the authorized representative.

The EC Declaration of Conformity is determined separately in each directive according to the relevant product. The EN 45014 standard was created to establish general criteria for the declaration of conformity, and this standard can also be used as a guideline in terms of New Approach Directives.