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ECE-R 100 Certificate

ECE R100 Certificate is a document issued for the approval of electric road vehicles. Published by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), this regulation, known as R100 for short, describes specific requirements for electric powertrains. ECE R100 Certificate is given to vehicles with a maximum design speed of more than 25 km/h and operating as fully electric or hybrid. The R100 regulation defines the features that these vehicles should have; describes the tests that must be performed on vehicles and/or electrical components. Companies that want to operate in this sector and obtain the ECE R100 Certificate should refer to this regulation in their design, production and testing processes. ECE-R 100 certificate is given to individuals and companies in order to facilitate the sale of products and to ensure smooth entry into EU countries. This document is given in the form of marking to indicate that the motor vehicles meet the conditions required to be carried on the roads within the scope of the European Union. Having the certificate provides advantages and benefits to individuals and does not cause problems in the market in EU countries. Therefore, the fact that the products are sold and the products are guaranteed with this document in the hands of the people also strengthens the reliability.

It is accepted under EU, UN/Annex and TR laws with respect to motor vehicles and its system or separate technical units. For this reason, it qualifies products that are prepared in accordance with the regulations and do not cause problems. It is known as a safety certificate that is required to be applied to the vehicles, technical parts and systems of the member countries with the basis of EU directives. Test laboratories must be organized as a technical authority of a member state of the European Union.

With this document, which people receive, it is possible to identify and recognize the product without any problems, by recognizing the products of people in the best way, even in EU countries. People can obtain this document in the best way and easily by contacting the company to get this document. It is extremely possible to give this document to companies and individuals who meet all the requirements and fulfill the conditions.

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What is the Scope of ECE – R 100 Certificate?

Since there are many requirements and requirements for vehicles to obtain this document, it is beneficial for individuals and companies to act knowing the content of this scope. There are many tools and features that are included in this category and are being evaluated. As a maximum, the design speed of a vehicle should not exceed 25 km/h. There are one or more traction motors working with electricity. It should not be constantly fed from the mains. The first part of this document does not cover the post-collision safety requirements of road vehicles.
As the second part of the document, the safety requirements for the rechargeable energy storage system for the vehicles whose criteria are listed in the first part are explained. This part of the standard does not apply to RESS, which is primarily used to power the engine, lighting and other operating systems. It is very important for people to know this scope in the best way and to prepare themselves accordingly. You can get the document in the shortest way and quickly by getting help and service from our company.

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What is ECE-R 100 Certificate?

The R100 regulation aims to regulate the market for electric vehicles, which are becoming more popular in the world with each passing day. With the ECE R100 Certificate, it is aimed to eliminate the problems that may be encountered in the international trade of these products, to ensure the road safety of vehicles, and to protect human life and the environment. Although this document is a European Union regulation, it is also compatible with other global regulations regarding electric motor vehicles and their equipment in terms of content and scope.
Manufacturers who want to obtain ECE R100 Certificate must ensure that the equipment they produce passes the tests detailed in the regulation. Manufacturers who want to learn what tests should be done about their products and test conditions can contact Aşan Danışmanlık for detailed information.

Scope of ECE-R 100 Certificate

The first version of the standard for the ECE R100 Certificate was published in the mid-1990s. However, the development of electric vehicle technology over time and other spare parts requirements for these vehicles, especially rechargeable batteries, have made it necessary to develop the standard. Finally, the regulation, which was revised in 2013, entered into force in 2014 and its use was made compulsory in 2016. The scope of the regulation has been expanded to include the safety requirements for Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems (RESS).
The final version of the regulation consists of two parts:
• Part 1: Describes the safety requirements for electric powertrains of category M and N road vehicles equipped with one or more traction motors, which are electrically driven - permanently disconnected from the grid - with a maximum design speed exceeding 25 km/h. This section also includes safety requirements for high voltage components and systems that are galvanically connected to the high voltage busbar of the electrical power train system.
• Part 2: RESS security requirements for vehicles defined in Part 1 are defined.
The first part of the regulation covers the post-collision safety requirements of vehicles; The second part does not cover the RESSs required for the vehicle´s starting, lighting and other auxiliary systems.


How to Get ECE-R 100 Certificate?

Manufacturers who want to obtain ECE R100 Certificate must perform the following tests specified in the regulation:
• Vibration test
• Thermal shock and loop testing
• Mechanical shock
• Mechanical integrity
• Fire resistance
• External short circuit protection
• Overcharge protection
• Over discharge protection
• High temperature protection
The information on which parameters and under which conditions these tests will be carried out is explained in detail in the R100 regulation. You can get information from Aşan Danışmanlık about the tests required for the ECE R100 Certificate.

ECE-R 100 Certificate Benefits

Companies that have received the ECE R100 Certificate can be among the assertive and highly competitive brands of the electric vehicle industry, which is very popular today. These companies, which can easily offer these vehicles and their related components to the European Union market, will not have any problems in ensuring customer safety and satisfaction as they verify the safety of the products. ECE R100 Certificate also increases the corporate reputation of companies; As it will expand its sales volume, it also increases its revenues and profit margin. Certificate holders are also granted privileges in many public and private sector tenders. You can get detailed information about the other advantages of the ECE R100 Certificate from Aşan Danışmanlık.

ECE-R 100 Certificate Consulting

Aşan Consulting provides quality and reliable consultancy services to companies in certification processes with its knowledge and experience in European Union regulations and required product verification and certification. Companies that want to have the ECE R100 Certificate can also get support from Aşan Danışmanlık and ensure that the certification process is completed much easier and faster. Aşan Danışmanlık guides companies in the training, safety tests, documentation and many other issues required for the ECE R100 Certificate. You can contact Aşan Consulting, which professionally plans every stage of this process, and start your certification process.