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ECE R44 Child Car Seat Vehicle Type Approval Certificate

ECE R44 Child Car Seat Vehicle Type Approval Certificate

ECE R44 Certificate shows that baby and child seats used in vehicles meet the safety requirements. Car seats produced in accordance with ECE R44, a safety standard accepted by the European Union (EU), can obtain ECE R44 Child Car Seat Vehicle Type Approval Certificate. This safety standard, the latest version of which is published as ECE R44/04, explains which tests baby and child car seats must pass, the seat belt design, mounting information, age and weight classes of children according to the seat, etc. After the ECE R44/04 regulation came into force, the ECE R44/03 version was repealed and it was decided to give ECE R44/04 Certificate to new products. But this standard is gradually replaced by the most up-to-date security standard; It will release it to a new regulation known as UN R129 or i-Size.

ECE R44 child car seat vehicle type approval certificate, which is important in almost every aspect and to minimize the effects of accident rates, should be obtained by people. Since the receipt of this certificate is extremely necessary and important in the sale and promotion of products, it helps those who receive the certificate to sell the product in EU countries without any problems. For this reason, this certificate is given to people who fulfill all the requirements of the certificate.

Baby car seats have been made compulsory in recent years and a regulation has been made to ensure that they are in every vehicle. In case of accidents, it is important to have car seats in vehicles in order to prevent child deaths and prevent deaths. Since babies and children are the most affected by accidents, it is extremely necessary to protect and preserve them. When we look at Europe, the child mortality rate in accidents is extremely low and the reason for this is the car seat being used.

According to the European Union safety standards, which determine the criteria for in-car baby and child seats, the car seat approval certificate must be obtained and its requirements must be fulfilled. It is beneficial for people to fulfill all the standards and criteria that are required and approved by the regulation in order to buy this car seat that they want to buy for their vehicles and want to have in the vehicle. People can get help and service from the company in order to obtain and keep this document.

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How to Get ECE R44 Child Car Seat Vehicle Type Approval Certificate?

This document is given only by companies that know and do their job well in the subject and scope of the document. In other words, considering the requirements and requirements of this document that people want to receive, it is necessary to act accordingly and look for compliance. This document is given for the products that are being tested and have been successful after being tested. It is also very important that the tests and compliance are carried out in the best way.

By attaching a label to the products that pass the tests, it becomes a proof that there is no harm in using the car seat. In this way, it is beneficial to ensure that the suitability and needs are fully met in order for people to achieve the best results and to receive the document. For this reason, according to the standard, there should be information that the seat is universal, semi-universal or specially certified.

It is also extremely important to have a double-digit number that shows the European Union approval, which country the approval is given, and which version the seat is approved for. For this reason, it is beneficial for people to undergo tests to fulfill all these elements and to approve the product.

What is ECE R44 Certificate?

Today, many traffic accidents occur every day all over the world. In many of these accidents, while the seat belts in the vehicles can protect adults to a certain extent, unfortunately, a large number of infant and child deaths can occur. The safe design of car seats is of great importance so that babies and children do not experience life-threatening risks in possible accidents, even in normal vehicle use. Design and manufacture of these products to meet universal safety requirements; it is also critical to develop an international type approval procedure in this regard. ECE R44, a European Union regulation, meets this need; explains the safety criteria required for the design and manufacture of safe baby and car seat products. ECE R44 Certificate is given to the car seats produced in accordance with this regulation.

Scope of ECE R44 Child Car Seat Vehicle Type Approval Certificate

A car seat that will receive ECE R44 Certificate must pass certain safety tests and meet certain product design criteria. The most important of these are crash tests. A product to be given an ECE R44 Child Car Seat Vehicle Type Approval Certificate is tested in a way that simulates collision situations of 50 km/h from the front and 30 km/h from the rear. In addition, according to the standard, the seats must be categorized according to the weight classes of the children. The robustness of the seat belts and the apparatus to which the belts are attached, and the guidance information placed on the product and the correct information of the user about the product assembly are also among the conditions of the ECE R44 Certificate.
Today, ECE R44 Child Car Seat Vehicle Type Approval Certificate is required for many car seat products. However, we can say that UN R129 (i-Size), which is the new EU safety standard and further expands the scope of ECE R44, has been put into use gradually and this standard will be taken into account in the certification process in the coming periods.


How to Get ECE R44 Certificate?

We can say that this certificate is only given to products that have been tested in accredited laboratory organizations (Swedish Plus Test, ADAC Stiftungen Warentest, The Touring Club Switzerland etc.) and have successfully passed the tests. An orange label is attached to the products that pass the tests. The following information should be included on the label:
• Information that the seat is certified as universal, semi-universal or vehicle-specific according to the standard
• Maximum load carrying capacity of the seat
• European Union approval
• Information by which country the approval was given
• Double-digit number showing which version the seat is approved for (last version of ECE R44 is 04)

ECE R44 Child Car Seat Vehicle Type Approval Certificate Benefits

Baby and child car seats with ECE R44 Certificate can be introduced to the European market, just like other EU approved products. This document, which certifies that car seats are designed to be safe, can also increase the competitiveness of manufacturers in the market. In parallel with the continuous increase in new vehicle production, the need for such products is also increasing. In this context, companies that produce products with EU approval can make more sales and increase their market share. Companies that meet ECE R44, the most important safety standard for car seats, can also increase their corporate reputation.

ECE R44 Certificate Consultancy Service

Aşan Consulting supports companies that want to obtain ECE R44 Child Car Seat Vehicle Type Approval Certificate at every stage of the certification process. Auto seat manufacturers can get support from Aşan Danışmanlık in each of the stages such as product tests, preparation of necessary documents and application to accredited certification bodies.


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