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Ecological Product/Service Certification

Nowadays, ecological product/service certification appears as one of the most important works that institutions and businesses must do. It is of great importance within the framework of sustainability, especially in terms of environmental and human health. It is extremely important for reliability to document that the productions and services in question do not contain any harmful content for human health. Nowadays, it is possible to obtain this certificate for almost any product and maintain it in a sustainable manner. We help you achieve your goals by providing consultancy to valued business owners and managers on this subject.

Aşan Danışmanlık offers its services in many sectors and fields of activity.

Ecological product/service certification indicates that the product or service in question has a low environmental footprint throughout its life cycle. Today, environmental problems such as climate change and global warming force organizations to be more corporately sustainable. In the context of environmental sustainability, which is one of the most basic components of corporate sustainability, companies are trying to offer more environmentally friendly products and services to the market. This reveals the concept we call ecological product or ecological service. Especially in recent years, every business, regardless of its field of activity, has been making intense efforts to obtain ecological product certification for its products as a requirement of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Companies that want to go through the certification process quickly and easily also receive ecological product/service certification consultancy. Thanks to this consultancy service, the process can be completed more efficiently and cost-effectively.

We guide you to obtain an ecological conformity certificate for your products and services. Having this document becomes important in line with legal regulations, developing market conditions, corporate policies and customer demands. In this context, you can get information about the steps to be followed and what needs to be done from us. You can get the certificate you need by contacting our company. Although it varies depending on the sector, we can list the ecological product and service certificates most requested by us as follows:

• European Union Eco Label,
• Natural product,
• Ecological packaging,
• Ecological medical,
• Ecological agriculture,
• Ekoteks,
• Safe tourism,
• Type 3 environmental declaration – ISO 14025 EPD,
• You can obtain the green star certificate and all other ecological product certificates you need from us.

Nowadays, where ecological services and products are becoming increasingly important, it is equally important to document this situation. With this document, customers are guaranteed a reliable and healthy product. It also allows increasing market share and reaching more customers. Based on this, it is aimed to provide the following benefits with ecologically labeled products and services:

• To produce sufficient and high quantities by establishing a sustainable production system,
• Working in harmony with all living things and nature within the production system,
• To protect and benefit from traditional production knowledge,
• Blending modern production techniques with natural production processes,
• To maintain production efficiency and biological effectiveness by extending it based on product efficiency and production capacity,
• To carry out in harmony with animal and plant production in accordance with the conditions of combating diseases and other pests,
• To avoid all pollution that will affect human health, animal health and natural balance in production and not to use drugs, hormones, chemicals and synthetic fertilizers,
• To maintain ecological efficiency at every step from production to processing, from packaging to distribution.

The issues mentioned above are important criteria for ecological service and production. Although it is as we mentioned in general terms, it can turn into very different sub-breakdowns depending on the sector. If you want to obtain and register an ecological product certificate for your sector, you can contact us. You can safely get the most suitable service for your industry and the service you need from our company, accompanied by our experts.

We have highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants in ecological product/service certification. In this regard, by obtaining certificates relevant to your sector, you will fulfill both legal obligation, human responsibility and commercial move. In this way, you will gain many benefits, especially the ones mentioned above. You can increase your recognition by increasing your company´s name and brand value. In this way, you can rise to the position of a company that is more competitive and has a high commercial volume in both the domestic and foreign markets.

Aşan Consultancy directs the necessary consultants to provide you with the documents you want for your eco products and prepares your company and brand. You can contact us when you want to get information, support and offers about the processes.

We also offer you many promotional prices in the field of textile documents. For any questions you may have, you can call us through our company´s contact channels.