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EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability Consultancy

EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability Consultancy

EcoVadis is a community of experts working internationally and creating professional service solutions. It currently has about 650 experts in total. At the same time, EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability efforts are finding response in nearly 50 countries around the world. Providing information on both social and environmental risks, the EcoVadis community supports very high-level organizations and companies.
It creates professional cooperation, especially in terms of sustainability protection and leadership functions. Thanks to this guidance, companies take important steps in the field of sustainability and show signs of continuous corporate growth. EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability Consultancy has become a very critical issue for companies with innovative contributions and continuous growth targets.
EcoVadis Principles and Scope

When we look at the principles of EcoVadis, we come across six separate items. These include reducing energy consumption, staying loyal to customers, working as a team, building trust and doing success-oriented studies. EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability Consultancy service is extremely necessary and applicable for any small or large business and institution.
Institutions make the necessary applications and ultimately receive an official sustainability rating. This rating is considered as a very important reference for companies. You can take your place in the EcoVadis platform by following the necessary procedures.
EcoVadis Certification is offered with a global cloud-based SaaS platform. You need to contact organizations authorized for EcoVadis, the corporate social responsibility and sustainability rating service of companies. Contrary to popular belief, the EcoVadis Certificate does not only evaluate commercial dimensions. Rather, it focuses on more ethical and principled issues. For example, issues such as worker health, workers´ rights, working conditions, ecological balance, production conditions, sustainable supply are just a few of them. All organizations are evaluated and rated according to these criteria.
Evidence-Based Reliable Evaluation

EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability assessments are completely evidence-based. This assessment is done with easy-to-read reports. These cards contain between 0 and 100 points. Gold, bronze and silver systems are also applied. If found appropriate, the medal system is activated.
Thanks to these monument-oriented and objective evaluations, companies get detailed information about their weaknesses or strengths. In a sense, this situation leads to the development of self-awareness for companies. Focusing on the parties that need improvement is among the most tangible benefits of this service. Execution plans and sustainability form the basis of these actions. Today, companies attach more importance to social responsibility performance than in the past.
EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability Consultancy have gained great importance for this very reason. EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability has become a must, not a choice, especially for large companies that operate globally and have a large number of employees.
Service Since 2007
EcoVadis, one of the most prestigious formations in the world, dates back to 2007. Ecovadis takes a holistic approach to sustainability for companies. Therefore, it details the evaluations according to all these subtitles. For companies, this is seen as a very reliable assessment.
Companies that meet all the necessary criteria even at a minimum level are entitled to receive the EcoVadis Certificate. However, getting this document is not as easy as it seems. Application process; It has important sections such as registration, survey and expert analysis. When we look at the profile of the companies applying for the EcoVadis Certificate, we come across a wide perspective from automotive to food, from chemistry to information technologies. Even among these giant companies; It is possible to see brands such as AXA, Amazon, ING Bank, Nokia, Coca Cola.

Benefits of Getting EcoVadis Certificate
There are extremely important and tangible benefits of getting EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability Consultancy services. You can contact us immediately to take advantage of these privileges and to create a professional cooperation with Aşan Danışmanlık.
Thanks to the EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability Certificate, you can make a difference in human rights, environment, ethics and sustainability, and make significant corporate improvements. On the other hand, businesses can compare their sustainability performance with universal values ??and see their positions. In this respect, it finds a chance to step into more modern and principled applications.