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Ecovadis Document

Ecovadis Document
Founded in 2007, the Ecovadis company offers a holistic sustainability rating service for companies. Today, it has become a reliable partner that supports innovation in the sustainable supply chain management of more than 450 leading multinational organizations. Ecovadis, which provides services in many different subjects, ranks the companies and gives Ecovadis Certificate to the companies that meet the required criteria. Non-financial management systems are generally among the topics that Ecovadis is rated. These include issues such as the environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchasing.
With the Ecovadis Certificate, more than 50 thousand businesses worldwide have been able to manage risk in their areas of activity, positively affect their environment, and promote transparency and innovation. The company, which operates in different fields such as automotive, chemistry, information technologies, retail, food, energy, insurance, electronics and many more, has the Ecovadis Certificate. Among these companies, Amazon EU, AXA, Bayer, Coca Cola, Dr. There are leading companies in the world such as Oetker, ING Bank, Nokia, Renault.

Benefits of Ecovadis Certificate
Companies that receive rating services from Ecovadis receive many benefits, directly or indirectly. We can list the most important of them as follows:
• Companies can improve their sustainability performance through ratings on the environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. In this context, it can identify its strengths and weaknesses and switch to more modern, scientific and contemporary practices.
• With the Ecovasi Certificate, businesses have the opportunity to compare their sustainability performance with industry and regional criteria.
• Ecovadis provides services through a global cloud-based SaaS (Software as a service) software. Through this platform, companies can share their sustainability performance with multiple trading partners. In this way, it can update its social networks quickly with corrective actions and re-evaluations.
• With Ecovadis Certificate
o premium and corporate subscription plans,
scorecards to share the sustainability performance of those companies outside the network,
Ecovadis rating certificate
Ecovadis medal,
o sustainability assessment report,
o prominent sustainability principles
and access to many information and applications.
• Enterprises holding the Ecovadis Certificate can take action on improvement areas and collaborate with trade partners using the corrective action plan feature.
• Annual evaluations of sustainability performance can be made.
In our increasingly global world, many companies, public and private sector organizations must constantly analyze not only about themselves but also other institutions with which they cooperate. Ecovadis Certificate also provides many benefits for companies that request evaluation from their commercial partners. The most important of these are:
• Monitor the sustainability performance of trading partners and manage risks.
• Promote transparency in sustainability practices with reliable ratings and global criteria.
• Obtain practical information on key sustainability issues that apply to different industries.
• Gain an overview of industry risk profiles, industry main regulations, strengths and areas of improvement and more.
• To encourage continuous improvement of sustainability practices in order to identify partners with high sustainability performance and increase innovation.

Ecovadis Document Processes
Ecovadis offers the Corporate Social Responsibility (sustainability) assessment service for a certain fee. At this stage, there are four basic steps and Ecovadis Certificate is given to the businesses that meet all the criteria at the end of the process.
1. Registration
In the first step of the Ecovadis Certificate, some general information is requested from the companies. Company´s legal person name, location, size and areas of activity etc. are some of this information.
2. Survey
After the registration process is completed, the survey phase is started. In this step, a sustainability questionnaire is made to companies. This survey, which is prepared specifically for each company, covers all sustainability effects for the size, sector and location of the company. Some supporting documents are requested from companies for the correctness of the answers given during the survey. Therefore, the questionnaire needs to be filled with great care. This can increase the time allocated for the survey from a few hours to a few days.
3. Expert Analysis
The information presented in the registration process and the answers given in the questionnaire are evaluated by Ecovadis experts in the next step. This stage takes an average of 6-8 weeks. In expert analysis, which is one of the most critical steps for Ecovadis Certificate, support is received from standards and regulations such as Ecovadis´s own methodology, Global Reporting Index (GRI), ISO 26000 and Global Compact.
4. Conclusion
After the whole process is completed, Ecovadis evaluation results are sent to the applicant company. When the scorecard is published, an email is sent to the companies, and this scorecard begins to show up on the EcoVadis platform. Scorecards are valid for twelve months from the date of publication.

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