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ECPI Index

What is ECPI?

ECPI can be defined as an Italian research firm that publishes indices on certain topics. Since its debut in 1997, ECPI has always worked to translate sustainability themes into investable solutions. ECPI solutions are based on a robust and rigorous proprietary Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) research model with over 15 years of track record. Product innovations and the ability to respond to customer needs with focused/customized solutions form the basis of ECPI´s success, in other words, it is at the center of this success.

ECPI represents a “unicum” (uniqueness, uniqueness) in the market thanks to its independence, a large and detailed research database and the ability to create Sustainable Investment Solutions that are in stock and non-customized (it can be said to be available to everyone). ECPI can assist asset owners and asset managers in developing Sustainable Investment Solutions, thus contributing to enrich and differentiate their product offerings, from investable Indices to ESG Portfolio Scan.

Sustainability is now an important issue today. Investors or customers may want to learn which companies do what within the scope of sustainability and how successful they are in this regard. In this way, they regulate their investment and shopping preferences. One of the indicators that have a great impact on the formation of these preferences or finding direction is the Sustainability Indices (Indicators). Today, many index companies or institutions publish some indices and give ideas to investors and customers.

ECPI is one of the companies that publishes these indices. By monitoring ECPI´s sustainability-related indices, an idea can be obtained about which companies are successful in this regard. It should also be noted that; Today, the concept of sustainability is not only defined with expressions such as being long-lasting and lasting long. When it comes to sustainability; broad meanings should be understood, such as operating in harmony with and in accordance with the environment, society (society), and governance (joint exercise of administrative, economic, political authority).

The ECPI Index family represents one of the broadest ESG offerings on the market, covering major asset classes, geographies and investment themes. ECPI has been leading the sustainability investment world since it released its first index in 2001. The ECPI offer is designed to respond to the needs of an ever-growing market for Sustainable Investments. More than 50 indices can be found among the ECPI indices, from the Global Benchmark to the Thematic, Strategy and Hedging Indices. These indices have become a trusted index provider for many investment managers and Pension Funds.

Other Indices That Can Be Examined Similar to ECPI Indices

Other indices that can be examined similar to the ECPI Indices are as follows;

• Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DSJI): It can be explained as a system that monitors the financial structure and performance of companies based on stability and sustainability around the world. DSJI, which deals with sustainability in different sectors and monitors these brands, publishes lists periodically and announces the most successful companies in terms of sustainability. Generally on the list; We can say that there are big brands such as Swiss, Siemens, Air France, Alcatel, KLM, Unilever, BMW and Roche. This system, which monitors the financial performances of companies or firms, also enables sectoral competition to accelerate and productivity to increase as an investment index (indicator).

• MSCI Global Sustainability Indices: MSCI is an investment research firm that provides stock indices, portfolio risk and performance analytics and governance tools to institutional investors and hedge funds. It can be said that this firm is best known for its benchmark indices, including the MSCI Emerging Market Index and MSCI Frontier Markets Index managed by MSCI Bara. The MSCI Global Sustainability Indices are designed for investors seeking insight into companies with strong sustainability profiles. Indices are reconstructed each year, with relatively low follow-up for the underlying parent benchmark. It has error e. Includes MSCI Global Sustainability Indices, MSCI World ESG Index, MSCI EM family ESG Index and MSCI ACWI ESG Index

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