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Electrical Installation Measurement

Electrical Installation Measurement
Electrical installation measurements must be made periodically for work safety and equipment. Periodic realization and full reporting of electrical installation measurements are of great importance. Depending on the work equipment regulation, grounding and lightning rod controls should be carried out for at least 1 year, and these should be carried out within the framework of legal enforcement.
First of all, in terms of worker health and safety, the controls should be made with a professional understanding, depending on whether the installation meets the conditions. In accordance with the occupational health and safety regulations, enterprises in different sectors must complete the installation control within the legal processes. These controls should be applied regularly and periodically, as specified in the regulation, not only in the first periods but also in the following periods.
How to Measure Electrical Installation?
All parts of the electrical installation department are reviewed in accordance with the regulation and all reports must be issued. These stages must be done in accordance with the standards, and the necessary environment for worker safety must be created. Electrical installation measurement,

  •         Special control process with thermal camera,
  •         Remote measurement special devices,
  •        Special grounding work against the leakage current protection factor in the installation

And it is carried out with many similar studies.
What is the Importance of Electrical Installation Measurement?
Electrical Installation Measurement must be carried out together with grounding and lightning rod checks in maximum 1-year periods as per the Annex III of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Work Equipment Regulation. The suitability of the installation in terms of occupational health and worker safety must be checked. Electrical installation control has become mandatory according to the article 353 and article 354 of the worker health and safety regulation. It is very important to have this control done by businesses. Unless the Electrical Installation Measurement is made in a certain periodic order, it causes great damages.
What are the Stages of Electrical Installation Measurement?
Periodic Electrical Installation Measurement stages are divided into six. If we look at these measurements in items;

  •         Grounding Measurement,
  •         Lightning Rod Measurement,
  •         Electrical Panel Controls,
  •        Cathodic Protection Measurement,
  •         Electrical Internal Installation Controls,
  •         It is in the form of Insulation Resistance Measurements.

Electrical Installation Measurement Controls
If we look at the control stages of Electrical Installation Measurements carried out in a periodic order;
   Detection of electrical equipment such as fuse, switch, current protection device, mains socket and UPS socket,

  •         Current protection device test,
  •         Voltage measurement,
  •         Current carrying capacity control and measurement of cables in panels,
  •         Protection control against non-electrical effects that may come to the panel from outside,
  •         Single line diagram and detailed explanation control in panels,
  •         Labeling and control of equipment such as switchgear, fuse current protection mechanism in the panel,
  •         Control of cables in the panel and fuse boxes against mechanical effects,
  •         Control of grounding and neutral busbars in panels,
  •         Checking that the grounding conductor is carried to the end consumer points without interruption,
  •         Grounding measurement and control,
  •         Cycle impedance measurement,
  •         Thermal camera and temperature control.

The periodically controlled equipment in Electrical Installation Measurements is as follows;

  •         Electrical Internal Installation Compliance Control,
  •         Cathodic Protection Control,
  •         Board Conformity Control,
  •         Lightning Rod Control,
  •         Grounding Control,
  •         Insulation (insulation) Resistance Check.

Electrical Installation Measurement Accreditation Period
Measurements must be made in accordance with the Grounding Regulation in Electrical Installations in the Official Gazette No. 24500 prepared by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Accredited period,

  •         Periodic check-up,
  •         Periodic Inspection Period

As it should be done once a year. Disrupting periodic controls means putting organizations in danger and risk. In the use of work equipment, according to Health and Safety Conditions Regulation and Grounding Regulation in Electrical Facilities; Measurements should be made once a year for Industrial Plants, Trade Centers and fixed Business Employees, and every 6 months for displaceable business personnel. Electrical installation measurement is of vital importance in terms of occupational safety, especially worker health and safety. It is important to perform electrical installation measurement without interruption in the period range suitable for operation.