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Equipment and Protective Systems Used in Possible Explosive Environment CE Certificate

Equipment and Protective Systems Used in Possible Explosive Environment CE Certificate

ATEX Certificate is given for equipment and protective systems used in potentially explosive atmospheres. The 2014/34/EU directive, which is the relevant European Union regulation, has been harmonized with a regulation issued in 2016 in our country. The regulation, which came into force by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology by being published in the Official Gazette No. 29758 on 30 June 2016, explains the scope of CE Certificate for the related products. The Regulation on Equipment and Protective Systems Used in a Potentially Explosive Environment (2014/34/EU) is also known as the ATEX regulation. The ATEX regulation sets out the necessary safety and health rules and specifies the certification procedures for the products in question to be placed on the market safely. Companies that produce equipment and systems within the scope of the regulation can supply their products to the European market and domestic market by obtaining ATEX Certificate.

What is ATEX Certificate?

A mixture of air gases, vapour, mist or dust creates a potentially explosive atmosphere when combined in such a way that it can ignite under certain operating conditions. Such environments are highly likely to occur on fixed offshore platforms, petrochemical plants, mines and factories where flammable/explosive gases are produced. For the products designed and manufactured for use in these environments, the Equipment and Protective Systems Used in a Potentially Explosive Environment CE Certificate or in short ATEX Certificate is required. There may be legal sanctions in case of placing products on the market that are not properly documented even though they are within the scope of the regulation.
The ATEX directive defines the basic health and safety requirements and conformity assessment procedures to be applied before products are placed on the market. The regulation, which is in line with the new legal framework policy, has become effective as of 20 April 2016, replacing the previously effective 94/9/EC directive.
ATEX Certificate Scope
The ATEX Certificate is valid for equipment and protective systems designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. In addition, other devices and control equipment that are used for purposes other than these environments but required for the safe operation of the product or system against explosion hazards or that increase the level of safety are also within the scope of the regulation.

• Various medical devices,
• weapons and ammunition used for national defense,
• equipment used in environments where potentially explosive atmospheres may occur only with a low probability of gas leakage as a result of an accident,
• Personal protective products within the scope of the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation, etc.
outside the scope of the regulation.
There are many harmonized European standards for the Regulation on Equipment and Protective Systems Used in a Potentially Explosive Atmosphere (2014/34/EU). Some of these are those:
• EN 1010-1:2004+A1:2010
• EN 1010-2:2006+A1:2010
• EN 1127-1:2019
• EN 1127-2:2014
• EN 1710:2005+A1:2008, EN 1710:2005+A1:2008/AC:2010
• EN 1755:2015
• EN 1834-1:2000
• EN 1834-2:2000
• EN 1839:2012
• EN 1953:2013
• EN 12581:2005+A1:2010
• EN 12621:2006+A1:2010
• EN 12757-1:2005+A1:2010
• EN 13012:2012
There are many standards that the regulation directly or indirectly refers to. Manufacturers must meet the requirements of these standards before obtaining ATEX Certificate. You can learn which standards are required for which product / system from Aşan Danışmanlık.


How to Get ATEX Certificate?

The conformity assessment procedures defined for the Equipment and Protective Systems Used in a Potentially Explosive Environment CE Certificate are as follows:
• Module A: Internal control of production
• Module B: EU Type Examination
• Module D: Conformity of the manufacturing process to the type based on quality assurance
• Module F: Type conformity based on product verification
• Module C1: Conformity to type based on supervised product testing and internal control of production
• Module E: Conformity to type based on product quality assurance
• Module G: Conformity based on unit verification
Of these modules, only Module A provides certification without the need for a notified body. Within the scope of this conformity assessment procedure, companies that will receive ATEX Certificate verify and declare that the relevant products comply with the regulation under their own responsibility. Other modules require the involvement of a notified body and the verification of the work done by these bodies.
Companies that will receive ATEX Certificate are required to prepare a technical file. The technical file should contain information and documents such as product introduction and information, manufacturer company information, the results of the tests required by the regulation and the standards to which the regulation refers, product safety information, user manual, assembly and maintenance procedures, if any, company´s quality documents, design and production instructions, etc. . The EU declaration of conformity must also be included in the technical file. For more detailed information about technical file preparation, you can contact Aşan Danışmanlık.

ATEX Certificate Benefits

The ATEX Certificate facilitates manufacturers´ access to the EU market. It also ensures that the necessary conditions for product supply to the domestic market are met. Certified manufacturers have verified that their products are explosion-proof. Conducting ATEX assessments means that the products or work environments where the products are used are much less likely to explode. In this way, vital risks arising from using the product or working in explosive environments are minimized; human life and property can be protected.
Since the use of ATEX Certificate is a legal requirement in many sectors, companies both comply with the law and take security measures thanks to CE certification. Thanks to third-party evaluation and verification, security risks in the product and working environment are minimized.

ATEX Certificate Consulting

Thanks to its experience and expertise, Aşan Danışmanlık provides a professional consultancy service to companies that want to obtain ATEX Certificate, making the CE certification process much easier and faster. Equipment and Protective Systems Used in Potentially Explosive Environments Companies that want to obtain CE Certificate can contact Aşan Danışmanlık to get more detailed information about the certification procedures and start the certification process quickly.