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ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Rules

ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Rules
Today, with the opening of companies to the world, the increase in competition and production uncontrollably brings with it many problems. Millions of workers working at production sites have to work under insufficient and insecure conditions. General working conditions; It includes overtime pay, long working hours and similar injustices. Making improvements in favor of workers on these issues has gained great importance. ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) is a recently created to eliminate this deficiency and at least reduce its impact. ETI, which was established with the aim of improving the working conditions on a global scale, has covered a significant distance in terms of where it comes from. There are many voluntary organizations and s involved in the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) world. The main emphasis here is that ethical rules can be operated correctly in trade. All members who are members of ETI carry out joint works to ensure that these rules can be run smoothly. These improvements are based on the standards of the ILO, that is, the International Labor Organization. ETI Basic Labor Law takes shape according to these standards.
ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) determines the ways companies should follow the rules to apply the routine activities. Some working groups are created to make this work healthier. As the projects are developed, experiences are shared with the members in certain periods. Sustainable trainings are organized in order to make this sharing go healthier. In order for ETI to proceed smoothly without any problems, the companies; It forms various alliances with trade s, volunteers, civil society members and most importantly suppliers. In some special cases, they even make this alliance with governments. In today´s business world, supply chains are now much more complex. On the other hand, it is not difficult to say that there are quite a few problems in the commercial processes of the companies. For this reason, members who are part of ETI accept these problems in advance and, more importantly, ensure that they will offer support on behalf of the solution. The extent to which companies comply with the ETI rules are monitored and audited periodically. Members must prepare a report to prove that they have achieved this compliance. Thanks to the report, whether the companies that are members of ETI fulfill their basic responsibilities are monitored within the scope of ethical trade performance. In this process, a special disciplinary procedure is applied for the members who fail the responsibilities.
In order to fully comply with and succeed in ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative), it is first necessary to master the ETI rules. As Asan Consultancy, we are pleased to convey our experiences regarding Ethical Trading Initiative and its rules.

What are the ETI Rules?
ETI is recognized as an association that aims to make improvements in the ethical business initiative. UK-based ETI is a completely independent organization. The formation, which started its journey on June 9, 1998, has achieved significant changes in the lives of workers. Working in line with the global partnership principle, ETI concentrates its audits on issues such as child labor, safe working environment, freedom of association. ETI standards; It is divided into two as Basic Principles and Application Principles. ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) rules are gathered in nine different articles.
• At the beginning of the rules that must be implemented or implemented within the scope of ETI is the issue of forced labor. Forced labor is strictly prohibited. The choice belongs entirely to the employee. The employer must respect the will of the worker. The worker can terminate the business relationship with the employer at any time within a legal framework. The employer cannot force him to work. On the other hand, he can never seize the workers´ receivables at that time. ETI definitely has a very strict attitude in this regard.

• Every worker has the right to protect and defend rights. ETI works specifically to protect collective bargaining agreements. Employees are free to join the they want. The employer should be open to trade activities at this point.
• ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative), on the other hand, is very important for working conditions to have a safe and healthy environment. Today, many people work in an unsafe environment. Thanks to this item, workers are provided to work in a hygienic and reliable environment.
• Similarly, ETI has a clear attitude towards child labor and exploitation. Accordingly, whatever child labor is prohibited. ILO standards are taken as reference in this regard.
• A staff member should be provided with comprehensive information regarding their salary and other payments before starting work. Regarding this salary and other payments, universal standards are taken as reference. Employees must be paid a salary, in which they can continue their lives, albeit to a minimum.
• In line with ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative), workers are supported on special issues such as overtime and annual leave. Holidays and rest rights specified in national laws are taken as basis.
• All kinds of discrimination should be prevented in working environments. In cases such as layoffs, workers cannot be distinguished.
• Firms must employ regularly.
• Inhumane practices, such as psychological violence or physical violence, are not permitted in the workplace.
All this covers minimum requirements on ETI. Employers must act in accordance with ETI rules and respect workers´ rights.