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Financial Management Development Consultancy

Import opportunity with cooperation and cooperation with International Financial Institutions

(Appropriate pricing in 36 months term machine and 18 months term raw material letters of credit to be opened from your own bank - Financing model with the possibility of single payment at the end of 36 months for machine imports up to 36 months and with appropriate pricing (before opening a letter of credit from your own bank, prior notification and approval of us provided)

Cooperation with International Financial Institutions

Providing strategic or capital partnerships to your company and ensuring that your existing financial debts are secured

How Can Factoring Transactions Guarantee For Customers´ Receivables From Overseas Buyers?

Within the scope of warranty limits obtained from foreign correspondent firms, the risk of failure to pay due to the financial difficulties of the buyer firms that sell goods and / or services is assumed.

Which Sales Types Include Export Factoring Transactions?

In factoring transactions abroad, in which the warranty service is provided, there are receivables arising from exports against goods.

What should be the due date of receivables?

In general, factoring transactions can be made for receivables up to 120 days, but for longer terms, working conditions can be evaluated by factoring companies.

Does the Warranty disappear in case of disputes such as the goods subject to postpaid receivables do not comply with the desired quality standards?

One of the most important reasons for the disappearance of the warranty is that the goods are not in the desired quality standards or that a different product was sent from the goods requested by the buyer. In addition, the fulfillment of the limit allocation conditions, compliance with international factoring rules, compliance with the contract or order conditions with the buyer company are mandatory for the validity and continuation of the guarantee.

Can the Importer Firms do Factoring the Purchase of Goods and / or Services from Abroad?

Yeah. When the goods imported by the domestically imported importer reaches the customs, the invoice amount is paid to the exporter by the factoring company and collected from the importer company in the specified term. In this way, the importer company both benefits from the cash purchase advantages and a maturity for payment.

Are the right financing models used to increase the liquidity of the company?

Using Bank Loans; Raising awareness of your company´s liquidity escapism

* Ensuring your cash management is done correctly-Analysis of costs and commissions paid to banks
* Cost / Expense control and Efficiency measurement of concrete concepts
* Correct calculation of your Production Costs
* To provide measurable progress and development with concrete solutions on issues that will increase the operational efficiency of the company and reduce costs.