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Food Safety Management System (GGYS) in Seed Production

Each stage of the food chain has its own importance in terms of security. However, it can be stated that the seeds, which are the beginning of the chain, are more important because they affect the entire process. For this reason, it is serious to have knowledge about the Food Safety Management System in Seed Production and to act accordingly.

The ISO 22000 standard covers all public and private organizations engaged in seed production. For this reason, these organizations must also follow the following steps regarding FSMS in seed production: .

? Creating an effective FSMS,
? Making applications regarding the food safety management system permanent,
? Documenting all system-related issues,
? Continuously monitoring system problems in seed production and updating them when necessary,
? Implementation of the practices defined for the standard in seed production.

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General conditions

Each organization, regardless of the seeds it produces, must define how FSMS covers the processes it creates. In this context, seed growing areas, product categories and relevant seed production processes are also included in this scope.

For seed production, the following conditions must be met:

• Within the framework of the food safety management system, it should be ensured that potential threats arising from food safety do not harm consumers in any way.
• One of the most important issues for FSMS in seed production is that important food safety information must be communicated to other organizations in the food chain.
• All developments, practices and innovations related to GGMS in seed production throughout the organization should be reported.
• Technological developments, changes in needs and requirements, new legal regulations, etc. Situations may require changes to the FSMS. In this case, the necessary updates and additions must be made without delay, and the necessary information must be forwarded to the relevant places and people.

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Scope of Food Safety Management System in Seed Production

If seed producers want to implement a valid and effective FSMS, they must comply with certain rules on various issues in addition to the conditions mentioned above. At this point, it can be said that the following issues are very important in seed production:

Management responsibility: The company´s top management should lead the FSMS implementation. In this regard, it is necessary to establish a food safety policy and take steps to use commercial resources in this direction.

Resource management: The most important resource in seed production is labor. For this reason, employees need to receive job-related training and be aware of FSMS. In addition, since business infrastructure and working environment are also important for GGYS, these resources are designed to provide the highest possible benefit.

Safe production planning and implementation: Within the scope of GGYS for seed production, every producer is required to plan, implement, manage and control all processes necessary to produce safe products. We would like to point out that the following issues are important in this topic:

  • Prerequisite programs
  • Conducting risk analysis
  • Establishment of a food safety group
  • Defining product features
  • Creating flow charts and process steps
  • Identifying hazards and determining risk levels
  • Preparation of HACCP plan (hazard analysis and critical control points).

GGMS implementation, review and improvement: Under this heading, seed producers are requested to implement, review and continuously improve the system in the most effective way. Internal audits are very important for monitoring the system in question. At this stage, it is necessary to ensure that the personnel performing these audits receive training from an internal auditor, if necessary. The rules of the ISO 9001 quality system can be taken as a starting point for continuous improvement.

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