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Food Safety Trainings

TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Basic Training

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System; It is an international standard created to create a safe food production chain worldwide. It is based on communication between suppliers, users, legal authorities, consumers and all relevant units, thus ensuring the traceability of safe food at every stage. This Standard defines the requirements for a food safety management system that combines what are generally considered key elements to ensure food safety throughout the food chain until final consumption.

Thanks to food safety training, it is aimed to increase the knowledge and capacity of all employees operating in the food industry. Regardless of manager or staff, the entire team working in food businesses undertakes an important task in ensuring food safety. Through the training to be received, existing skills regarding issues such as food production, distribution, storage and consumption are improved. At the same time, you can clearly demonstrate your safe practices thanks to the ISO 22000 certification.

It is extremely important for you to take certain criteria into consideration when choosing the institution you will study at for the benefits you will achieve. First of all, you should examine whether the training content is in line with current developments. However, you should know that you will receive support from instructors who have full command of international standards. At this stage, we should also point out that we have increased our communication channels so that you can see our experiences and learn details about our trainings. You can easily reach us via WhatsApp or our other live support lines.

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Food Safety Training Content

The food safety trainings we prepare are aimed at providing high benefits to businesses and employees. In line with this goal, we organize our programs without skipping any details. The training content is as follows:

• Learning food safety concepts
• Causes of diseases that may be caused by food
• Situations that cause food spoilage
• Details of local and international food safety standards
• Legal regulations and industry requirements
• Principles of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system
• Analysis and detection of possible risks
• Sterilization of food production areas
• Personal hygiene rules
• Safe storage and transportation methods
• Emergency crisis management
• Quick response to possible negativities
• Audit and internal audit practices
• Improvement efforts in line with the audit results

Food Safety Trainings

Thanks to this training content we have specified, you will be able to easily move on to the implementation phase by learning all the features related to food safety. Choose us to benefit from our professional services for our training and to quickly develop your food business.

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Experience the Privileges of Food Safety Training

You will have various advantages thanks to the training you receive on food safety. First of all, it becomes significantly easier to ensure the health of your consumers and employees. In addition, you contribute greatly to the safe delivery of healthy food products to your tables. On the other hand, your corporate reputation and brand value will increase to a level far above your expectations. At the same time, you can increase your sales figures as your customers´ trust in your company will increase.

By fully complying with legal regulations, you can prevent negativities such as possible penalties. By knowing the HACCP system in detail, you can prevent hazards from occurring without difficulty. Since you can ensure order at all food safety stages through training, you can reduce your costs and provide an efficient service. In addition, you can apply your emergency management strategies in possible crisis situations by acting with your knowledge of the issues.

It is also possible to increase staff motivation with the unique training you will receive. By paving the way for creating the necessary awareness, you will also show the value you give to your staff. In addition, you directly contribute to the increase in efficiency of your work by increasing customer satisfaction at a high rate.

The importance of the education you will benefit from in the food industry, where the competition rate is quite high, is extremely high. Thanks to our expert trainer staff, it is also possible to test an experience you have never had before and see the effect of the procedures closely. That´s why we ensure that you can use all our communication channels easily at all times and aim to ensure that you do not encounter any problems regarding communication.