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FSC Certificate

What is FSC Certificate?
The Fsc Certificate is the document that shows that the companies that sell forest products are produced if they meet the standards determined by the Forest Management Council. The Forest Stewardship Council, established in 1993, is a worldwide organization. This organization, which is a non-governmental organization, deals with the production and sales of forest products in accordance with certain standards worldwide. The location of the Forest Management Council, which prepared the Fsc Certificate, is in Bonn, Germany. At the same time, the headquarters of the organization is located in the same place. The name of the Fsc Certificate is taken from the initials of the Forest Stwardship Council.
The founding purpose of the council was taken as a result of the FAO reports submitted by the World Food and Agriculture Organization and the United Nations, where most of the world´s forests were damaged. The vision that the institution devotes itself is to determine the conditions related to the correctness of the use of forest products throughout the world and to independently audit whether these conditions are applied correctly. Having the Fsc Certificate means that your products are not put on the market as a result of uncontrolled tree cutting. The rules of ownership of this document are not limited to just felling trees. The product has the right to have the Fsc Certificate as a result of the examination and verification of all stages such as production, conversion and distribution. It is generally quite simple to define that a product has an Fsc Certificate.
In this system, it can be identified by the registration number or the fsc logo on the product. It is mandatory to use the FSC logo on each product if the conditions of the FSC certificate are met. It must also have a registration number. Products without the FSC logo are products that are not accepted within the standards. Firms that want to have an Fsc Certificate are checked for compliance with the authorization given to the company, if the specified conditions are met through certain audits. Firms that are successful after the inspections are announced on the website of the Forest Management Council. The institution will ask you to follow up your requests regarding information from the institution on the internet. Fsc Certificate is of great importance for the public to benefit from forest and forest products.

What is the purpose of FSC Certificate?
• Acquisition of forest products other than timber or others, harmless to forest productivity, biological diversity and ecological processes,
• Any intervention made or to be made towards the forest should be in a way that does not disturb the balance of the ecosystem and society that it is made for profit,
• Establishing a system in which the public will benefit from forest or forest products in the long term, but will be found in long-term management plans that support the sustainable use of these products.
It is shaped. Companies holding FSC certification, one of the FSC certification types is FSC - CoC; It is the Forest Management Council Protection Chain Certificate. FSC - CoC refers to the separation of crops from uncontrolled cuttings of crops, as well as crop management from logging and out of the forest. The product is from the forest; It shows the uninterrupted path it comes to the consumer by including the production, conversion and distribution stages. The visual expression of the application of the system is the FSC logo and registration numbers on the product and raw material. When it comes to companies and products with FSC Certificate, it can be seen which companies have the FSC logo.

What is FSC - CoC Certificate?
FSC Forest Management Council, which aims to direct and direct global forestry and forestry studies, is an independent organization established with the aim of establishing and developing the management of the world´s forests. Since 2008, the forest management system has been expanded and efforts to expand it continue. More than millions of hectares of forest areas in many countries of the world have been certified with FSC Forest Management standards. Certification studies are increasingly continuing. With the FSC labels on forest products, the consumer presents a situation that facilitates his preferences while purchasing timber, wood, paper products and similar products, and increases the confidence and quality of the product. This situation provides an advantage both by the producer and the consumer.

How to Obtain FSC Certificate?
• Establishing a management system in accordance with FSC Standard
• Application for certification
• Planning the audit
• Performing the inspection
• Publishing the document on info.fsc.org
• Using the logo
As Aşan Danışmanlık, we provide training and consultancy services for the establishment of FSC forest management system certificate to companies or institutions requesting FSC Certificate. We ensure that companies that want to obtain FSC CoC certification successfully complete the FSC Certification audits and gain the FSC Certificate to the company.

Meta Description: Fsc Certificate, companies that sell forest products, meet the standards agreed by the Forest Management Council.