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Fsc Coc Standard Training

FSC Chain of Custody is a management system that contributes to the protection and sustainability of world forests.

The FSC CoC Management System aims to demonstrate that well-managed inputs from certified forests are used in the production of forest-based input products and are not confused with undocumented forest products.

This certification includes the producers of products produced using forest-based input and those who trade for processing.

Paper and all products using paper in its production and / or content (all printing products, packaging, cleaning products etc.)

All wood products and products containing wood

People and institutions who want to contribute to the protection of nature should prefer FSC certified products when purchasing these products.


Establishment and objectives of FSC

FSC CoC Management System and purpose of certification

FSC STD 40-004, FSC STD 50-001 and FSC STD 40-007 standards requirements

Application stages of FSC CoC Management System

FSC CoC Certification Process

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