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FSC Consulting

What is FSC?
FSC; It is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of the words Forest Stewardship Council, which is translated into our language as Forest Stewardship Council. Increasing environmental pollution, which is affected by the increase in the human population, also leads to an increase in environmental awareness in people. In addition, the increasing human population causes the increase in all the materials consumed, and in this context, the decrease in natural resources. One consequence of this situation is; It is the decline of forests containing raw materials such as timber and wood, and the growing importance given to the protection and management of forests to control this decline. In this context, one of the concepts that have emerged recently is the concept of Forest Management. good management of forests; It can be explained as the protection of the ecological structures of the forests by the controlled and appropriate number of tree cuttings and plantings.

The first studies on well-managed forest were started in 1990 by forest products producers, distributors and users who came together in the USA. NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) providing services on environmental and human rights issues also attended the meeting here. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an organization established at this meeting. FSC is non-profit. There are also those who state that the FSC was established as a reaction to this situation, after it was understood from the reports of the United Nations and the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) that half of the world´s forests were destroyed. The aims of this organization are;

• Ensuring the use of forests in accordance with the environmental standards accepted in the world,
• Developing policies to ensure the permanence of forest areas,
• Establishing a system to trace the origin of forest products,
• Providing labeling and branding to end consumers,

expressed by the items.

Inadequate and inappropriate forest management practices threaten the life and sustainability of forests. Decreased sustainability of forests leads to rapid depletion of forests, as a result of which both fresh air and resources obtained from forests are depleted, and living life is endangered. It is necessary to increase the sensitivity of people on this issue and the efforts to protect forests. FSC certification is the assurance that timber products from the forest are managed in a reliable and sustainable manner. Producers should implement the FSC Standards in their companies, taking into account the possibility of increasing consumer awareness about forests and FSC certification.

FSC Consulting and FSC Certification

Managers who want to apply the standards determined by the Forest Management Council in their organization and obtain an FSC Certificate/Certificate should apply to a certification body that is authorized in this regard. After applying, we can accept that the FSC Certification process begins. Before applying, it is useful to get FSC Consulting service from an authorized certification or consultancy firm. This consultancy service to be received contributes to the preparations within the scope of certification more expertly, accurately and easily. Three certificates can be issued in relation to the FSC. These; Forest Management Chain Certificate (also known as FSC Certificate), Forest Management (Forest Management - FM) and Chain of Consumption (also known as Chain of Custody or Chain of Custody - CoC).

The main articles of the standard, the revision of which was published in February 2012;

• Compliance with all applicable laws and contracts,
• Questioning proven land ownership rights,
• Respect for the rights of local peoples,
• Protection and improvement of long-term workers´ rights,
• Disclosure of fair use benefits from the forest,
• Ecological functions do not harm the integrity of the forest,
• An appropriate management plan that is constantly updated,
• Include environmental impacts of monitoring activities,
• To encourage restoration and natural forests,
• A care that considers environmental and social values,
can be specified as.

FSC Certificate is issued for 5 years. A certification audit is carried out in the first year and if there are nonconformities, a certificate is issued after the nonconformities are eliminated. Other years; surveillance audits, closing possible nonconformities, annual AAF (Annual Administration Fee) fee and surveillance audit fees must be paid. When these studies are carried out regularly and appropriately, the certificate remains valid for 5 years.

Benefits of Obtaining FSC Certificate/Certificate

Having the FSC Certificate/Certificate, which is an international certificate, provides significant benefits to organizations. These benefits are;

• Adding extra credibility to the organization,
• Emphasizing environmental protection,
• Helping the organization orient towards social participation,
• Gaining reputation (respectability) to the organization,
• Enabling the organization to open up to different markets,
• More economically more profit can be made,
• Competitive advantage, benefit to the organization
• Searching for establishment standards,
• Recognition of campaigns against climate shopping,
• More environmentally friendly products for customers,
• To ensure legal compliance and compliance, to ensure
can be adequately explained.

Which components should a person be certified with the FSC Certification?

When a product is removed from the forest, if it disappears from meals, it is important for that product on the way to school. All forest loan financing with a facility (functional) purpose in a product must comply with the FSC Chain of Custody (FSC-preparation). Assistance to forest with secondary uses (eg, those used for transportation, protection (containment), or use) may be exempted from the surveillance control check. The packaging made from the cardboard packaging, which is also shipped from here (from the packaging packaging or wooden box), is considered separately from the original product. You can get the certificates in this section, both the package and the contents of the package separately. But for those who are essential, it is their original purpose.