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FSMA, in short, is a concept that is formed by the abbreviation of the English words "Food Safety Modernization Act". Although it means Food Safety Modernization Law, it is shortly called FSMA in international literature and is accepted. This law has been enacted in the United States of America (USA) and is still in effect and regulated in the USA. This law is supervised and regulated by the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration. We can say that this law has emerged for the prevention and research of food-borne diseases after concepts such as GMOs emerging today. This law covers all manufacturers who want to export products to the USA. There is also FSPCA, the abbreviation for The Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance, in relation to FSMA. If we look at it in full Turkish, it is possible to translate it as the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance. The mission of FSPCA can be summarized as investigating all academic and scientific studies to be carried out in the FSMA wing, applying them to the market and regulating the laws. In this system based on an alliance, both academic circles and the government channel work and operate with market producers.


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The FSMA Food Safety Law is exactly a law signed on January 4, 2011 by the then president Obama in the USA. We can say that this law, which tries to keep food safety at a high level and protect food safety throughout the food supply process, has been designed in a very effective and comprehensive manner. From the very beginning of the food production process, for example, from a farm to the consumer´s table, the relevant product is subjected to various tests and analyzes. We would not be exaggerating if we say that the FSMA Guda Safety Act almost completely affects the eating habits in the USA. Because, we can say that control and health inspections in the renewed food are a step that is needed and should be taken.

We can say that the FSMA law is the most fundamentalist and most effective food protection law in the food and nutrition field in the USA. It is also quite innovative. In the FDA, the American Pharmaceuticals Inspection Institution working with FSMA, we can say that many innovations and suggestions have been presented in many areas, from the cultivation of the product to its packaging, to the processes to be applied on the products. Various criteria have been determined in this regard.

How Does the FSMA Food Safety and Modernization Act Work?

Various rules have been put forward with the FSMA law and have already been implemented. If we count them;

- Preventive controls for food: In this rule, which concerns both domestic and foreign facilities, both hazard analysis and risk factor calculation for foods are required. For this, there is an obligation to have preventive controls. This rule; It includes a written food safety control plan, verification, and preventive measures such as hazard analysis.
- Establishing food safety standards: These standards cover the processes of growing, harvesting, processing, packaging and placing on the market of fruits and vegetables to be produced and delivered to the table in accordance with safe control standards.
- Verification for foreign suppliers: With this word, which means Foreign Suppliers Verification Program in Turkish with the abbreviation FSVP, individuals and institutions that will export food to the USA must have made various risk factor calculations and have made production in accordance with FSMA. This article of law is also created to protect the consumer and to increase the healthy consumption habits in the food sector.
-Third Party Auditors: This rule is a rule created for the accreditation of third party auditors. With this rule, it means auditing in the areas of food and food safety and auditing the certification process for animal foods produced in foreign facilities. With this rule, it is planned to provide the necessary accreditation for the institutions participating in the certificate program.
- The rule of transportation of food and animal feed with hygiene: According to this article, which is designed to ensure the safety of the institution, organization and shipper involved in the hygienic transportation of human food and animal feed, it is important to produce a product in a healthy way as well as to transport that product in a healthy way. In this way, the product will be transported and delivered to the consumer under healthier and more modern conditions.