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Gas Burning Devices CE Certificate

Gas Burning Devices CE Certificate

Gas-burning appliances are regulated in line with CE Certificate, Directive 2016/426/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council. This directive has been harmonized with the "Regulation on Gas Burning Devices" published in the Official Gazette No. 30412 by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on May 5, 2018. The regulation explains the features that the devices and equipment in question must have in order not to endanger the safety of people, pets and goods. In addition, it specifies the procedures and obligations of the relevant parties for the gas-burning devices to be placed on the market together with the CE Certificate. Companies that produce products within the scope of the regulation can offer their products both to the European market and to the domestic market by obtaining the CE Certificate for gas-burning devices through notified bodies.

Gas Burning Devices What is CE Certificate?

The current EU regulation on gas-burning appliances has become fully applicable as of 21 April 2018, replacing the previously effective 2009/142/EC regulation. The scope of said appliances is limited to appliances that burn gaseous fuels used for cooking, heating, hot water production, cooling, lighting and washing. Regulation, control and safety devices and their sub-assemblies that are intended to be incorporated into devices or mounted to form equipment are also within the scope of the regulation.
Devices specially designed for research purposes for temporary use in processes carried out in industrial facilities, on aircraft and railways, as well as in laboratories, are excluded from the regulation. This regulation aims to deliver products to the market safely with the CE Certificate of gas-burning devices. It can also address the issue of energy efficiency of covered products where more detailed and specific EU eco-design legislation does not apply.
The regulation on gas appliances contains the basic requirements that a device or equipment must meet when placed on the EU market. It does not specify how these requirements should be met; therefore, it leaves flexibility to the manufacturers regarding the technical solutions to be adopted.

Gas Burning Devices CE Certificate Scope

Since the scope of the CE Certificate for gas-burning devices is quite wide, there are many standards that should be referenced in the said regulation. Some of these are those:
• EN 26: Gas-fired instantaneous water heaters for sanitary production, equipped with atmospheric burners
• EN 30-1-1:2008+A1: Gas-fired domestic cooking appliances - Part 1-1: Safety - General
• EN 88-1: Pressure regulators for gas appliances and associated safety devices - Part 1: Pressure regulators for inlet pressures up to and including 500 mbar
• EN 89: Gas-fired storage water heaters for domestic hot water production
• EN 125: Flame monitoring devices for gas-burning appliances - Thermoelectric flame monitoring devices
• EN 126: Multifunctional controls for gas-burning appliances
• EN 257: Mechanical thermostats for gas-burning appliances

Apart from the standards listed above, there are many harmonized standards regarding the definition, use, control, maintenance, etc. of gas-burning appliances. Some standards are specific to the product, while others concern the general regulation. Manufacturers need to know which standards to refer to in order to obtain CE Certificate for gas-burning devices. You can get support from Aşan Danışmanlık on this subject.


How to Obtain CE Certificate for Gas Burning Devices?

There are different conformity assessment modules regarding the CE Certificate of gas-burning devices. Manufacturers should start the certification process by ing the appropriate module from these modules. We can list the modules as follows:
• Module B: EU Type Examination - Production Type
• Module C2: Tie Compliance Based on Internal Control of Production and Supervised Inspection of Product at Random Intervals
• Module D: Conformity to Type Based on Quality Assurance of the Manufacturing Process
• Module E: Type Conformity Based on Product Quality Assurance
• Module F: Type Conformity Based on Product Verification
• Module G: Compliance Based on Unit Verification

Manufacturers who want to obtain CE Certificate for gas-burning devices must fulfill the requirements of the conformity assessment procedure in which the certification will be made. In this context;

• Test, analysis, control and / or experiments should be carried out according to the standards specified by the regulation as a reference.
• The technical file should be prepared; Documents such as product and manufacturer information, risk analysis and the results of tests and examinations, calculations made in design and production, quality system documents, product user manual (if any, assembly and maintenance manual), EU declaration of conformity, etc. should be included in the file. should be preserved for a long time.
• Notified bodies should be applied for; Notified bodies examine the technical design of the product and verify that it has been designed and produced in accordance with the regulation and meets the requirements of the regulation.
• If on-site inspection of the production line is required within the scope of the ed module, independent auditors appointed by the notified bodies visit the factory and witness the production and, if any, tests on site.
• Gas-burning devices CE Certificate is given to manufacturers who successfully complete all the steps.

Gas Burning Devices CE Certificate Benefits

CE Certificate gives manufacturers the opportunity to present products to the European market. Companies that obtain the CE Certificate for gas-burning devices also fulfill the conditions of supply to the market in line with the relevant legal regulations in our country. As this document verifies the safety of the products, high customer satisfaction can also be achieved and product complaints and recalls can be minimized. Certificate holders can also be granted privileges in public and private sector tenders. In addition, as in other CE certificates, organizations that obtain the CE Certificate for gas-burning devices can gain a competitive advantage in their own sector.

Gas Burning Devices CE Certificate Consultancy

Aşan Danışmanlık can plan the certification process to the finest detail for companies that want to obtain CE Certificate for gas-burning devices. Offering professional consultancy services on CE certification, Aşan Danışmanlık supports companies at every stage of the process and ensures that all problems are resolved quickly and quickly. Companies aiming to obtain CE Certificate for gas-burning devices can start the certification process by contacting Aşan Danışmanlık and receive basic training on the subject.