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As Aşan Certification and Consultancy, all management systems required to institutionalize your company (ISO 9001-ISO 14001-ISO 45001-ISO 10002 -CE- GMP- GHP- GDP- ISO 22000- ISO 27001- ISO 50001- ISO 31000- ISO 28000- ISO 20000- ISO 15593- ISO 18788- ISO 22301 etc.) We provide Certification and Consultancy Services.


The consultancy process you will receive about Ecovadis and the rating process is an important process that should be managed by professionals. In ECOVADİS, which we can define as a global process, your company´s performance will be audited and scored, and as a result of these processes, your evaluation is based on the topics of environment, human rights, work, ethics and sustainability.

With the Software as a service SaaS platform, the rating services of companies are based entirely on sustainability. In Ecovadis systems, each company is graded according to its size, location and industry, and evidence-based evaluations are made in this system. At Ecovadis, each company is awarded different points from 0 to 100 and medals such as Silver Medals, Bronze Medals and Gold Medals. In order to increase the success of each company in terms of sustainability, action plans are developed and together with the rating services, the company increases its success.

Aşan Danışmanlık company offers you Ecovadis service with Turkey´s leading trainers and consultants. You can review all the references of our brand, which is the first choice of hundreds of companies in this field, on the site.

Established in 2007, Ecovadis has offices in many large countries. At the beginning of 2022, it has been observed that risk management in the system, which has more than 60,000 commercial partners around the world, positive inclination of the environmental effects of companies, encouragement in terms of transparency and increasing innovation has been observed and it has taken its place among the demands of every multinational company. Companies also need Ecovadis rating service for reasons such as workforce, human rights, commercial partnerships, etc.

EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability Consulting

EcoVadis is a community of experts who work internationally and create professional service solutions. It currently includes around 650 experts in total. At the same time, EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability studies are found in nearly 50 countries around the world. Providing information on both social and environmental risks, the EcoVadis community supports very high-level organizations and companies.

It creates a professional cooperation especially at the point of maintaining sustainability and leadership functions. Thanks to these directions, companies take important steps in the field of sustainability and constantly show signs of corporate growth. EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability Consulting has become a very critical issue for companies with innovative contributions and permanent growth targets.

EcoVadis Principles and Scope

When we look at the principles of EcoVadis, we come across six different items. These include reducing energy consumption, staying loyal to customers, being in teamwork, building trust and working in a success-oriented manner. EcoVadis and Corporate Sustainability Consulting service is extremely necessary and applicable for any small or large business and institution.

Institutions, by making the necessary applications, eventually receive an official sustainability degree. This rating is considered a very important reference for companies. You can take your place on the EcoVadis platform by following the necessary procedures.

The EcoVadis Document is available with a global cloud-based SaaS platform. For EcoVadis, the corporate social responsibility and sustainability rating service of companies, you need to contact authorized organizations. Contrary to popular belief, EcoVadis Document does not only evaluate commercial dimensions. On the contrary, it focuses on more ethical and more principled issues. For example, issues such as worker health, workers´ rights, working conditions, ecological balance, production conditions, sustainable supply are just a few of them. All organizations are evaluated against these criteria and receive a rating.

Ecovadis Rating Service

Every sector, every field and every business included in the system has unique benefits. With Ecovadis, many sustainable supply systems such as reducing the risks of disruption in the supply chains of companies, reducing the increasing costs of the company´s collaborative activities, protecting the company´s image and ensuring the reputation of the company´s sub-brands, facilitating the company´s access to capital and taking its advantage in the market with the brand being a responsible supply chain in terms of sustainability. will join the brand.

Aşan Danışmanlık offers you all kinds of services related to Ecovadis.