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GLP (Good Laboratory Practice System)

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) is an approach that ensures quality and reliability at all stages of non-clinical laboratory work. In Good Laboratory Practices, all organizational processes such as planning, implementation, monitoring, recording, reporting and archiving of studies are carried out within the framework of a quality system. In this way, the quality, reliability, consistency and integrity of the data obtained from laboratory studies are ensured. Laboratory enterprises that work in accordance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practices can verify their quality system by obtaining a GLP Certificate. For more detailed information about GLP procedures and certification process, you can contact Aşan Danışmanlık.

What is Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)?

We can list the main issues and requirements of the GLP quality system as follows:

Environment: All testing should be performed in a laboratory designated for the testing purpose. The laboratory environment must have the right climatic conditions; adequate space should be allocated to work and work areas should be clean before and after testing, and cross-contamination protocols should be followed. Personnel should always wear the correct laboratory clothing and relevant personal protective equipment (coat, goggles, gloves, etc.). Good laboratory practice is essential to avoid mistakes and make sure everyone follows the same rules. This enables the generation of accurate and high-quality data that can be used in the development of drugs to prevent and combat human diseases.

Audits: Laboratories should be audited periodically to check that GLP procedures are being followed. Both internal and external audits are required to verify that the good practice system is working properly and needs any changes. Audits primarily cover research protocol, processes and reporting. Accredited certification and verification bodies can perform GLP audits.

Correct Education: Trainings are an important part of good laboratory practice examples. Personnel involved in laboratory work should understand the practices to be followed and why they are important. This applies to training new staff and refresher training to remind existing staff of testing, analysis and reporting practices and introduce new ones.

Use of Correct Equipment: Using incorrect or uncalibrated equipment can produce erroneous data. The equipment must be recalibrated before any tests are performed. The maintenance of the specified tools and equipment should be done according to a certain schedule and should only be used for its intended purpose. This approach helps ensure reliable data and prevents data loss. In addition, maintenance records of laboratory equipment should be kept for a certain period of time.

Personnel: According to the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) approach, only personnel authorized to carry out certain testing procedures should work in laboratories. Personnel should understand their defined roles and have a clear job description. Personnel qualifications, training and development records should be kept. Pharmaceutical research studies are usually overseen by a study manager who is responsible for the results of the study. It should be the responsibility of this manager to check that correct practice has been followed and to sign the results at the end of the study.

Standard Operating Procedures: These procedures are guidelines that inspectors and laboratories must follow. GLP procedures should be clearly written and easily accessible to all staff. In addition to the guidelines, a documentation system for recording data should be in place and ensure that they are consistent, easy to understand and complete. Standardized operating procedures ensure standards are measured and met and create efficient production and reliable research results.

Test Tools: Test materials used in applications should be labeled and stored in the correct conditions at all times, including temperature, light/darkness, and humidity. Samples used should bear the date, run details, batch number and other necessary information specified in the procedures.

Data Record: The data record includes what the lab test was, how it was done, when it was done, and who did it. All data must be recorded correctly when generated to avoid errors. Personnel should never rely on undocumented data as incorrect data can be recorded and have serious consequences. This application traceability; It ensures accurate record keeping, whether on paper or electronically. Standard laboratory notebooks should be used and data should be entered into computers in the correct format. Data should be clear, concise and readable to other personnel. General terms related to laboratory practices should be used in the records so that they can be understood by all.

The software for the GLP exercise is Good Laboratory Practice. Translation expansion can be explained as Good Laboratory Practice. This concept was first introduced in the early 1970s. The application in question; depends on principles such as safety, security and quality. Therefore, it attaches importance to the preservation of these effects.
Good Laboratory Practices) is not salt chemistry (GLP). Other educational environments, education and food packaging can also be included in this scope. The main possibility of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) in the use of biobiology can be extensively and extensively tested.

Attempting to force Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) to prove that fundamental values of safety or quality cannot be changed. It´s an important thing to do for something to be done to minimize inconsistencies. This series is also the safe raising of records of tests. It is extremely important to give a high level of trust and guarantee in the laboratory environment.

With the contents of the GLP, the laboratory is a section of units where you are planned, watched and directed as in the archive. Solve the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) non-repeatability problem. First of all, it will destroy people and the environment. They give responsibilities in the certification process and are used in the laboratory and practices. It adds to the sharpness of all these programs. In good laboratory conditions, you need to provide the necessary conditions for standard operating conditions and atmospheric conditions. If it is a document, it should also need the conversation in question. All of this reduces both inter- and old-fashioned personalities. It is aimed to be easy and pleasant from the processes in this process. In summary Laboratory Practice (GLP) is good for applying quality test data. Successful Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) cannot be compared to your success in any laboratory.

References All Over the World

Today the economic cooperation and organization, a formation on it, is running a detailed developer software for the preparatory laboratory to create a form on this website. In the USA, testing that is not managed in accordance with FDA Good Laboratory Practices will not be accepted under any circumstances today. An important part of countries is to live with the FDA to ensure your data ends. Because of GLP, you will become a beginner.

Exactly this project of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) I will now be able to explain to a great student. It should be mandatory that GLP´s laboratories be set up and that more extensive testing is suitable for GLP. GLP is of great importance in many areas, from equipment quality quality, inspection to data management.

As Aşan Consulting, it continues to support GLP certification. With the certification service in question, much faster and productions are paved. (GLP) Review relevant information for Good Laboratory Practice and service. In our institution, we mention many different applications other than GLP.

GLP Documentation Principles

Principles of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) according to statements in the basic user; as the quality system system, laboratory setups, report, records, article of materials, study and use of equipment at appropriate level. Safety analyzes in cosmetic products or control systems and non-applied laboratories are also simple choices.
As Good Laboratory Practices, “Among the most important benefits of GLP; The time and cost will be where test repetitions will be performed. You must leave no room for possibility and worry for purchases to accept. This is especially true for documentation and analysis. This review or quality must be of certain standards.

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They somehow reveal the tools that make use of the GLP. These controls are necessary and necessary for both the environment and our human health. Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) includes planning, planning and ultimately basing this measurement calculation. You can meet Aşan Danışmanlık to get information about the GLP certificate and its future.


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