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GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)


GMP English equivalent; It is specified as good manufacturing practices. Its Turkish equivalent is given as good manufacturing practices. Topic title;

  •   Medicine
  •   Medical tools
  •   Food
  •   Cosmetics

It is about the production of such products in healthy and reliable environments.
The implementation of the regulation corresponds to 2010. It has been accepted as the cosmetics regulation. Since July 2013, a system of good product practices in cosmetics has been made compulsory for all persons or institutions within the scope of the regulation, all member countries of the , and candidate countries that will become members of the .
This practice is one of the basic approaches in the production and distribution of food products and is a series of techniques that must be applied continuously in the stages of raw material, processing, product development, production, packaging, storage and distribution to ensure quality in products.
It is a quality approach to manufacturing and ensures the production of reliable and effective products by ensuring the professional work of food industry employees.
Fulfillment of the general conditions of GMP is possible by designing the systematic network according to the following elements.

  •   Quality management
  •   Personnel and organization
  •   Building, equipment, equipment and materials
  •   Documentation
  •   Raw product receipt, product processing, storage and distribution
  •   Quality control and proficiency tests
  •   Approval and authorization of all transactions
  •   Complaints and recalls
  •   Investigation of errors, clinical follow-up of manufactured products after use
  •  Storage of samples, destruction of problematic, returned products
  •   Internal and external control

GMP Benefits
Some of the benefits that will come with GMP are listed below.

  •   With GMP, production processes are fully mastered.
  •   Continuity in production processes is ensured with GMP.
  •   With GMP, we are always ready for legal audits.
  •   Customer satisfaction is achieved with GMP.
  •   Legal compliance with GMP is achieved.
  •  GMP is always the preferred supplier and service provider.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) In other words, Good Manufacturing Practices in Turkish; It is a standard that includes protective measures regarding internal and external conditions related to the organization in order to prevent or reduce the possibility of contamination of the product from internal and external sources. This practice is one of the basic approaches in the production and distribution of food products, in order to ensure quality in products;

  •   Raw material
  •   Processing
  •  Production
  •   Packaging
  •  Storage
  •   Distribution

It is a series of techniques that must be applied continuously.

TSE started Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification activities on Monday, December 10, 2012.
Good Manufacturing Practices-GMP is a series of protective measures prepared for the production of products that directly affect human health such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, in safe conditions and systems, to prevent the possibility of contamination at every stage from the preparation of the product to its distribution and to increase reliability.
In accordance with the Cosmetics Regulation adopted by the European Union in 2010, it is valid for cosmetic production sites in all member and candidate countries since July 2013. Compliance with good production practices in cosmetics will be imposed, and GMP Certificate will be sought for both products to be sold in our country and export within the framework of the application that will start in 2013 in our country.

As the Turkish Standards Institute, serving good manufacturing practices of companies in the cosmetic industry in Turkey and in the international arena; It started to certify in accordance with the standard of TS EN ISO 22716 / May 2008 "Cosmetics - Guide within the Scope of Good Manufacturing Practices".

In this context, it should be noted that the application form for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification and other documents can be accessed from relevant sources.
In addition to being a quality approach in the name of production, it ensures the professional functioning of food industry personnel and ensures reliable and effective products. It evaluates various criteria on behalf of each production stage with all aspects of an organization, that is, its essential qualities. It defines and controls the production area, the environment of the enterprise, the tool used, the material and production stage, the operating personnel and the quality and reliability of the raw material. GMP, which covers the food, medicine and cosmetics sector, also includes this sector with the adoption of the Cosmetics law, which accepts detergents and cleaning products from the cosmetics category.
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