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Good distribution practices (GDP)


GDP (Good Distribution Practices) is an application for medical medicines and shows that the service you provide is within the scope of good distribution and quality. Good distribution practices are implemented as a quality system covering the warehouse and distribution centers of medicinal drugs. Good distribution practices are internationally accepted pharmaceutical GDP regulations determine that the work on the part of the products for distributors must be within the scope of the standards. Thanks to GDP (Good Distribution Practices), the quality and safety of the products are ensured during the distribution of the medicinal drugs from production to the end user. Good Distribution Practices, together with the GDP certificate, have an important place in the protection of medical drugs in the distribution network, which is developing and expanding globally. Thanks to the GDP certificate, products that are not approved, non-compliant with standards, imported illegally and wrongly branded are also prevented. The risks of these products, which are very important for human life in the medical sector such as medicine, are prevented by complying with the GDP document. International standards of Good Distribution Practices, which have such an importance for human health, have also been determined.


Since drugs are important for human health and are directly used by humans, they are products that should be paid attention to. During the delivery of the manufactured drug to the consumers in accordance with the standards for which it was produced and licensed, the distribution and storage times of the drugs should also be well controlled. Thanks to Good Distribution Practices, the quality of this process and standards are maintained in the storage and distribution processes of the products. Maintaining the temperature level of drugs is also very important for pharmaceutical health. Thanks to Good Distribution Practices, damage and spoilage of drugs during storage and transportation are prevented.
GDP (Good Distribution Practices) Certificate
GDP (Good Distribution Practices) certification places great emphasis on ensuring safety during drug distribution. The GDP (Good Distribution Practices) Certificate is the most important indicator that the service you have provided is in accordance with international standards and that you have worked in quality. The GDP certificate is a quality standard document for the private warehouse and distribution system of organizations working for pharmaceutical products. The internationally accepted regulations and pharmaceutical product standards are obligatory for organizations.
Thanks to the Aşan Consultancy, it will be very easy to have a GDP certificate. In addition to the certification and other services it provides, you can get the best service and have the GDP certificate thanks to Aşan Danışmanlık.

GDP (Good Distribution Practices) Certification Process

It is important for an organization serving in the pharmaceutical distribution industry to obtain a GDP certificate, as well as work with the certification body. Organizations that want to obtain GDP certification can have the most appropriate document thanks to an expert and experienced consulting firm. Organizations that want to have a GDP certificate can also receive consultancy services on some basic issues. These issues are:
• The design and layout of the warehouse where the pharmaceutical products will be stored,
• Establishing the quality systems required for the establishment and managing these systems,
• Warehouse temperature mapping,
• Improving and accelerating the operations of storage and distribution processes,
• Providing the necessary training for responsible personnel and employee personnel,
• Performing the necessary preliminary inspections and controls,
• Verification of the packaging and transportation processes of the products,
• Providing necessary technical agreements for outsourced works,
Can be listed as. Thanks to Aşan Danışmanlık, you can both benefit from these services and get the necessary support for the applications made for certification to get positive results.

Benefits of GDP (Good Distribution Practices) Certificate

Having a GDP certificate is not only necessary for the organization, but also provides many benefits. Thanks to the GDP certificate, the movement of medicines within the scope of European Union standards and legislation is ensured throughout the storage and distribution process. Thanks to the GDP certificate and Good Distribution Practices, medicines are securely stored during storage and transportation. Thus, the drugs are prevented from mixing with other different products and from interacting and deteriorating. In this way, the risk situations of the transported products are eliminated. The GDP certificate has an important place in the transportation of products whose quality standards are protected and reaching the user at the appropriate time.


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