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GRS Consulting

GRS Consulting

The Global Recycling Standard (GRS), as the name suggests, is a standard that covers recycled products. This standard concerns companies that use or trade recycled products. New products, recycled products; glass, paper, plastic etc. The production of materials such as at least 20% is included in the scope of the standard. Today, many companies operating in these fields want to have this certificate by getting GRS consultancy. Because the standard includes many issues such as occupational safety, worker health, waste management and environment, apart from materials and production processes.

The first appearance of GRS took place in 2008. The management and ownership of this standard developed by Control Union Certifications (CU) was transferred to Textile Exchange in 2011. GRS, which was published in version 3.0 in 2014 and finally version 4.0 in 2017, has started to become a standard that has attracted a lot of attention and needs in recent years. In this respect, GRS consultancy and training services have become important for companies that want to have this certificate.

What is Textile Exchange?

Textile Exchange is a global non-profit organization that works closely with all sectors of the textile supply chain to find the best way to minimize and even reverse the negative environmental and social consequences of a $1.7 trillion industry.

What Are the Goals of the GRS?

The main purpose of GRS is to increase the use of recycled materials in products and to reduce or completely eliminate the damage caused by its production. For this purpose, attention is paid to the following important points:
• Spreading the recycled product definition across multiple applications.
• Monitoring and tracking of recycled input materials.
• Communicating current information and developments in the industry to customers (both brand and consumer).
• Reducing the harmful effects of production processes on humans and the environment.
• Providing assurance that the materials in the final product are truly recyclable and are processed in a more sustainable way.
• Promoting innovation in the use of recycled materials and related to quality issues.

What is GRS Consulting and Why is it Important?

GRS certification; Sustainability, environment, energy saving, efficient use of energy, cost reduction is a very important process today, where these issues are now being discussed globally. In addition, GRS is a must-have certificate in order to increase the competitiveness of companies operating in the sectors it covers. GRS consultancy also gains importance in order to acquire a professional business partner on the path followed to obtain this certificate. Because the companies that provide GRS consultancy dominate all the processes related to GRS and ensure that the companies that want to have this certificate follow the right strategy. Companies that want to be included in this certification process without GRS consultancy are subject to serious losses in terms of both time and cost.

How to Get GRS Certificate with GRS Consulting?

After receiving GRS consultancy and applying to an institution authorized to issue this certificate, a series of procedures must be carried out. Although these steps may vary depending on the companies providing GRS consultancy and certification services, they can be summarized as follows:

• Realization of application, contract, payment transactions
• Preparation for the first control and certification audits within the company related to GRS; Before the first inspection, the following documents are sent to the applicant company:

1. Information letter about the GRS Standard.
2. Standard / Manual and application guide.
3. Other documents related to the process:

• Audit report with audit checklists, list of suppliers and subcontractors.
• The company applying for a certificate by receiving GRS consultancy fills in these documents in whole or in part and provides business licenses, policies and procedures, supplier certificates, etc. It makes such documents as ready to be declared to the institution that will issue the certificate.
• Afterwards, an audit is carried out within the applicant company. This audit plan may also differ depending on the institutions that provide GRS consultancy and certification services. But in general, the following steps are followed:

1. Opening meeting.
2. Conducting the audit.
3. Preparation of audit report and findings.
4. Closing meeting.

• Upon completion of the audit, a report is prepared detailing the findings. In case of closing the nonconformities or (if any) findings, a certificate is given to the applicant company.

GRS Consulting Provided to German Firms Benefits

From the places where your choice is very important while you are buying from GRS. It is very difficult to request information from the applicant about a positive and purposeful way to come from this process. This is a strategy in its time to follow up with the high, GRS consulting. Besides, these certificates are performed Beyond the date reformats after issuance. If this business is to be negotiated with a business partner in consultation with GRS, they will be done for the first time after the GRS client is first received. In this context, all conditions of GRS within the firm may be possible as soon as possible and may be one on the firm. Different jobs can be purchased from these fields, which will give institutions under the consultancy of GRS.